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I am heading off to Taiwan for my Gawai holiday. *sipping Green Tea Latte* Let's hope Internet is back when I get home, I am using Starbucks wifi now. Gotta keep it short. Behave bloggie, see you in a week. Mommy

My little diary: 16th - 18th May 2013

THURSDAY 16 th May 2013 Since I am heading off to KL on Friday and will miss out on my Friday workout, I decided to switch my exercise routine to Thursday.  It’s Crazy fit! Jeng Jeng Jeng! As the name suggest, crazy fit is Crazily intense! And this is how I feel before, during and after class .......   Before: sap sap water During: Are we there yet?? After: Ambulance please *half dead*   We did 300 x clean and press at 20-25% Body weight, then every 2 minutes we have to push up 5 times. Siao! Here are the group of Siao people! Hey hey hey Esther, why are you sitting there!  I did my first 50 Clean and Press alright, after that I felt like my shoulders are getting heavier each time.  But if others can do it, I can too right!  So what I did was changing my strategies, instead of going all out and get exhausted very quickly, I space it out into manageable chucks of clean and press. So mentally and physically, I know I can handle it. I did 5 clean and press

My little diary: 11th - 15th May 2013

Saturday 11.05.13 The best mom in the world is the one that you can bond with. Agree? This year's mother's day is quite special to me. I get to spend time with 2 women that are important to me - my mom and Kenny's mom. When I was little, I had severe skin problems, causing both my hands and feet to crack. My skin was so tight that I couldn't stretch my hands open. It's so painful!! Mom always feel guilty about it because I would ask her if I am an adopted child (I am the only child with skin problems) Sorry mama, I don't mean to hurt you, I was just a kid. I remember every night, mom would soak my feet with warm water before applying lotion to soothe them. Those images were deep in my memories that after all these years, that is the only childhood thing I can recall. Thank you mama! You are a great mom! And now, I have grown big and strong, I find my mom cute. Hahaha, she is more of a kid than I do. LOL! Oh my cute mama. :) Another impor

My little diary: 8th -10th May 2013

Wednesday 08.05.13 I went Shopping!!!   and bought a new bag from Carlo Rino! I wasn't aware that Carlo Rino is a division of Bonia Group until I read the company history on the tag. Out of curiosity, I google their net that night. Wahhh! It's so nice! Check it out and make sure you turn  on the volume! It's I have been wanting to buy a new bag since my iphone got stolen (if you haven't read it, here it is) My dad banned me from using my previous bag that is zip less. Bags like that are thieves favorite. They just sneak their empty hands in and for sure, they are gonna get something out of your bag. So for anyone of you who is still using a zip less bag, my advice is put a mouse trap in it. That is how they will learn their lesson!  My new bag if pretty light and I love the simple yet stylish design.  I can change the colour of my bag according to my mood too! All I need to do is just flick it inside out! Love that idea!

My little diary: 5th -7th May 2013

Sunday 05.05.13 Almost had a fight with Da Jie over a very small matter. HaHaHa, that actually feels good. Cause my big sis is like a PM in our family, whatever she says pretty much become the laws and me, the citizen will have to obey.  My siblings and I came home after breakfast. Since I was served a cup of very diluted coffee (I ordered a kopi kao), the first thing I did was made my own coffee at home. While dad and I were enjoying our cuppa, she keeps bugging me to finish my coffee cause she wants to vote now! Walao-ehh~.  Stop bugging me! GRRRRHHHH!! Hate it when people rush me when I am enjoying. You didn't say we came home for toilet break only leh. And now you are rushing me! She went too far and I said straight to her face 'you go first lah! Our vote stations are different anyway!'  All of a sudden, a live show between the inpatient PM and the rebellious citizen were broadcasting in front of my family. And my Papa had to step in to harmonize the

My little diary: 2rd - 4th May 2013

Thursday 02.05.13 Tomorrow is Mom's birthday. Sis and I were persuading dad to buy mom a stalk of rose as a little sweet birthday present.  Good idea right? I think mom will be very happy loh. Who on earth doesn't like rose(s)? You tell me lah, you tell me lah!  After our long conversation in attempt to get dad to buy the rose, sis asked: Sis: Have to decided how many roses to buy? Dad: .......*thinking to himself*......eigh Sis: why eight? Got meaning behind? Dad: Egg! Zero! Sis: *almost pengsan*... Oh my Papa, aihhhh~ so not romantic wan!!! But cannot put the blame on him also, cause his brought up is very conservative.    一句话的力量:生命的目的,是以所有一切的形式去展现爱 Time to change Papa! It's ok to show your feelings and tell mom you love her. And I know exactly what to do! hehehehe Friday 03.05.13 Before I head off to gym, Belle hugged mom and wished her a very happy birthday. Then the girls started singing birthday song. :) Our Heng H

My little diary: 27th Apr - 1st May 2013

Saturday 27.04.13 Haven't seen bf for 2 and a half days! I went Sibu and he went KL, now I am back in Kuching but he is not. I miss him sooooo much! I WANT MY DEAR DEAR!! I WANT MY DEAR DEAR!! Luckily, we have BJ demo in conjuction of Miss Fitness happening at Plaza Merdeka that night, so I can shift my focus. I didn't stay throughout the whole pageant. Not sure how the winner charmed the crowd. But I guess like any beauty pageant, they look at their brains, their heart *checking* and their looks. Got to say, make up does all the magic. They looked so different from one week ago when I watched them do the rehearsal.  After we finished our 23 mins of demo, I went shopping for handbag. Almost bought this from CarloRino. I love bags with big opening, nice compartments, light-weight and nice design. This one fits the criteria  But...But....I found a defect on it......!!..... There! Me:  buy or not to buy? buy or not to buy? 

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