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10 reasons to keep our baby's 1st Birthday SIMPLE!

First Birthday,  yes, it is an important one to document. Afterall, it is the day that the baby is no longer termed a 'baby' but a 'toddler'. Image from internet My mommy friends and I had an interesting discussion on how we have celebrated our babies' first birthday. And I was surprised to hear two stories: 1) Mommies are willing to pay for over thousands of Ringgit to hire an event planner. 2) Mommies stressing up over DIY party. I have no problem with the Idea of hiring professional help. But when I hear that the decoration alone cost quite a bit (in this case, over 1k), I was like 'What?!! Just decoration alone cost that much?!'......... I can never understand why parents would do that (oh please tell me!) And for those mommies who are stressing up over birthday party that only last less than 2 hours, please,  RELAX and STOP MAGNIFYING on it. That stress is unnecessary, it is not a wedding, birthday happens every year! So I am gonna write