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Rice Bucket Needs Rice!

House rules are meant to be abided to! Although a friend of mine said ' Rules are meant to be broken! ' (and she is a teacher LOL)!! Kenny and I have this rule at home which goes like this: If the husband forgets to close the gate, he shall be punished with one week of no NOODLE (including Ramen and Heng Hua Noodles - both his favourites); and if the wife forgets to close the gate, she shall be punished with one week of no RICE!  Sometime last week, I went outside our house to sweep the firecrackers on the floor...... *An hour later* Kenny: You can't eat rice today! Me: What do you mean? Kenny:   You left the gate open! Me:  No!! You just open it! Kenny:  No, you left it opened! So NO RICE FOR YOU FOR ONE WEEK! Me:  I LEFT IT OPENED? (I thought I did close the gate.....*emo*) Me:   Okay loh.....#houserules Luckily that night, I had Heng Hua Noodles (the best noodle in the world *love*) and I didn't feel a pinch of pain at all! As the day pa