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Joke of the Day #22: like Uncle

*Shopping at Plaza Merdeka* Me: *stare* Dear dear ahh, can you not walk around with your hands behind your back? Kenny: Oh! Kenny: But why leh? Me: Cause only Uncle does that! Kenny: But I'm trying to stretch my back! Me: It's very 'Uncle' lah! And my dad does that too! *betahan* Kenny: Oh~, like this har? *transform into uncle again!* Me:    *An uncle walked pass in front of us with his hands wrapped behind his back......* Me: *whisper* Seeeeeee ~, only uncle does that! Kenny:  View Joke of the Day #21: The Hunger Games

Wedding 101: Pre-Wedding Packages - What to take note?

*continuing from Wedding 101: Bridal Studios in Kuching * Hi, Happy New Year!!!   Stepping into 2014 means I am getting married in less than 3 months! WUuHuuu!! *chest circles* I am so excited!!!    TIP #1:  In my previous post, I have compiled a list of Bridal Studios in Kuching (click here ), before you visit any Bridal Studios, you should do a bit of homework:     1) Read Forums for review! 2) Ask for recommendations from people you know (e.g. post on FB/ recently married friends etc) 3) And of course, read my Wedding 101 posts!! LOL From there, you'll narrow down the number of Bridal studios to hunt and in this post, I am gonna give you a taste of how the actual visit is like. Dear Bride-to-be,  It is okay (and very normal) to feel CLUELESS on your first few visits. Well, at least that is how I feel lah, I didn't know what to look for and what is reasonable!  Don't worry,    w e've all been through it! Hopefully, this post will enligh