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Kuching: Money Changer

Updated: 03/01/2019 Done with my last minute packing and money changing. Yay!! :D Feeling satisfied cause I get things done much FASTER last minute. LOL!!! But the consequences of that is I get a hell lot of nagging from my mom =_____= *whimpers*. Okay, I will be off to Perth for my City to Surf Full Marathon. So wish me plenty of good luck. I have compiled this useful entry here about Money changers in Kuching. So next time when you need to do your last minute money changing you know where to look. I shall keep it updated. Hope you find this useful. Bye~! ***************************************************************************** Last Updated: 9th March 2015  (Changes made: added point 11) 1) Hong Xi Enterprise   Location:  Tun Jugah Mall, Level 1 (one of the best rate) Address: Lot 111, Level 1, Tun Jugah Centre, Kuching Tel: (082)-428 151 2) Mohamed Yahia & Sons  Location:  an indian book store inside Sarawak Plaza Address:  LG, Sarawak Plaza, Jln T

Weekend Foodie Post: Ayuke (阿鱼哥) @ Jalan Song

In KL right now, haven't got time to finish up my taiwan blog post! >.<" So Sorry! To write a travel post does take much longer than a food post you know...somemore I am pretty much away till early Sept so I can't guarantee travel and food post will be up during these time. Like I said, Blogging = Hobby. As much as I feel guilty about postponing Taiwan blog post once again. I will try my best to compensate in other ways - initially wanted to write Ghost month Ghost story but then I am staying alone in hotel, dun wan lah *CHOI* like writing a Weekend Foodie Post! This is where I want to bring you guys to: Tip # 1:  Ayuke Fish Chef (阿鱼哥) located at Jalan Song (behind OneJaya, opposite Porkies!) Tip # 2:  All the food served, like the name suggest, are related to Fish and the popular ones are: Teochew Fish Mix Soup (潮州鲜味清汤) Rm8 (S)/Rm10 (B) Tomato Fish Mix Soup (番茄鱼身上汤) Rm8 (S)/ Rm 10 (B) Fresh Milk Fish Head (鲜奶炸鱼头米粉) Rm 9 I went there a

My little diary: 29th July - 4th Aug 2013

MONDAY  29.07.13   After yesterday's run and attending a 10 to 5 talk, I woke up this morning feeling sore and tired. I have Jam to teach today! Die! TUESDAY 30.07.13 Feeling really upset about work, it’s inappropriate to detail it here but I have briefly documented it on another blog post: Sandwiched #growingup Image from WEDNESDAY 31.07.13 Something happened at work again and my monkey mind was punishing me with all sorts of assumptions. The thing is, sometimes our imaginations go wild and we make overstated assumptions.  The monkeys in my head went out of control!  As much as I remind myself not to take things personally , my monkey mind is telling me I have no proof to rule out all these assumptions!! (I hate you monkeys, I hate you!!) I feel bad, guilty and wee, like I have no self worth, I am nobody! THURSDAY 01.08.13 I guess things can’t get any worse now that

My little diary: 23rd - 28th July 2013

TUESDAY 23.07.13 I don't think my neighborhood is safe anymore! *worried* *Story goes* Kenny came over my place late at night (after his workout) just for quick goodnight hugs.  Since it wouldn't take long, I left the gate open while talking to him. Then, came a motorbike, stopping and looking inside of my neighbour's house. At first, I thought it was my neighbour coming home late (cause I never seen that particular neighbour before).  But then, that dude, without a helmet, reverses his bike to an angle and hawked on us, like our 一举一动, he was observing.    It didn't feel right (women's 6th sense) and I asked Kenny to come in immediately.  *Gate closes* That dude audaciously drove over and peeped inside our house!!!    OMG!! OMG!! What should I do? Kenny wanted to confront him but nowadays bad guys carry guns okay, can piao piao piao wan!! *scare to death* Image from I didn't want to risk at all! 

Weekend foodie post: Sushi King @ Boulevard (New menu promo)

(Read last paragraph if you are here for Taiwan blog post only) My first attempt at weekend foodie post and I am giving Sushi King a go. (W AIT! DON'T GO!) If you are like me...... What I think of Sushi King before = neh, the Japanese fast food chain that can put a hole through our wallets wan mah   Then read on! (photo of sushi king) This is what I think of Sushi King now =  I thought I know but I am wrong! I t's more than what I think it was cause I learnt a few things about it today. (gonna hashtag it as  #SoYouthinkYouKnowSushiKing) Perhaps it's because I was dining alone (yeah, Kenny away again T.T) so I could take my own sweet time reading the whole menu. Sushi King Menu Tip #1: Btw, do you know that if you are sitting next to the Sushi conveyor belt, your menu is just behind the chairs?   I wasn't aware of that until I raised my hands and ask for a menu, a waitress came over and said ' Miss, menu di belakang kerusi