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The aunty in me

Today marks the 3rd month of me as Mrs Sia.  Life has been good and if there is anything I would complain about is the never ending housechores! (Anyone else?!) There is always something to wash, something to clean and something to fix. T______T  Kenny did suggest to get a helper but I am against that idea. I want a homely nest and keeping our nest clean is something that a wife does (with that I mean I do 80% of housework and him 20% hahahahaha). I'll feel useless if we hire a maid at the beginning of our marriage cos she'll be taking away my roles.  Plus, it's just the two of us, we haven't got a kid yet, do we really need one?!  My thoughts: If my mom can do it without a maid, I can do it too! All I need is a bit more time to adapt and I think it's normal to go through some growth (and struggles LOL) and slowly, I'll settle in. That's how I learn, that's how I get better at it. So one evening, Mrs Sia went shopping for washing pow

#kennyandming: Our love story

Thank you Motion Foundry!  (p/s: if it's blurry, watch it here )