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Joke of the Day #36: Ox Sxxx!

Hi Little Bloggie, I have so much to tell you ~! So many things happened lately, a mix of both good and bad. Luckily the bad news are not overly serious. And I feel blessed that there is still something to laugh at when luck was not by my side. Last week, I got into a car accident. My car was hit by a car behind, causing a dent on the boot. When I looked back to see who the driver was, I saw 'Oh Shitttt!!' forming on her lips. Bahahahaha #howtogetangryliddat   LOL. When I told Kenny about it....... Me: Dear Dear, I got into a car accident. I am okay! No one is injured. Kenny: HARR? What happened? *repeat story again and he asked....* Kenny:  so did you chase her with car steering wheel lock? #mysillyhusband view Joke of the Day #35: Domestic Violence