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Joke of the Day # 3: Earphone

*continuing from Joke of the Day # 2 * Finally, after his near 24 hour marathon trip from KL- Jakarta-Pontianak-Kuching, we get to spend 'Us time' together. Kenny: Baby, let me show you this! *taking out his earphone* Kenny:   Luckily I have this with me throughout the whole trip. *putting it on me with music playing* Kenny: ......#@?#@?#@?..... Me: *removing earphone* Har? What did you say? I can't hear you. Kenny:   I said I manage to get some sleep from Pontianak to Kuching all thanks to this. It's special feature is noise cancelling. *putting it on himself* Me: HARLO? HARLO? HARLO~!! Kenny: ......*removing his earphone*......Baby! It's noise cancelling, not SOUND CANCELLING! Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Joke of the day #2

So one week ago, bf missed his flight and was stuck in KL. If he waited for the next KL-Kch flight, I would be seeing him TODAY! Wah, can you believe that? That is crazy! We tried all options, KL-Penang/Johor/sg/miri/kk etc but it’s all full, even Sg back to Kuching was fully occupied too. In the end, he decided to fly KL-Jakarta-Pontianak and back to Kch via bus. ********************************************************************************************** Me: *Looking at his tweet* HAHAHAHAHA…. Mom: What are you laughing at? Me: This! Mom: *laughs louder than me* HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Me: Kenny is stuck in KL, I think he is too bored! HAHAHA~ Mom: Aiyo~ this boat no motor one! Ask him to ride a ‘shua hu’ faster! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Betahan my cute Mama! In case you don’t know… This is ‘Shua Hu’! HAHAHHAHAHA~ ~ p/s:* Joke of the day #1 *


*Post written few days ago when I was cleaning my wardrobe. Finally got the photos ready! Hehehe, want to know why girls’ wardrobes are so full, then you got to read this (sorry folks this time it's in Mandarin only)* 女人就是这样,总会不自觉的想要把衣橱填满。男人就是这样,永远搞不懂女人怎么衣服这么多,但永远卖不完啊?结果,女的就继续买,而男的就乖乖坐在boyfriend chair 等着提Shopping bags!*纳闷中* 来来来,我也是女人,同样有着女人们的通病。我来解一解你的疑惑吧! Before: 怎样?我的衣服这样算多吗? 有发现到吗?女人明明衣服多,可是来来去去穿的就是那几件?hoho,这说明一个重点,有一半以上的衣服我们是很少碰的。你问,那为什么不挪出来,让衣橱空出一些位置来呢?呵呵,所以说你不懂女人的逻辑嘛! 好,那就以我为例,让我告诉你女人的思维是这样的: 1) 红色这件是我以前在Starbucks的打工服,青色和黑色这两件是我参加饥饿30的营服, 白色这件是我第一次参加马拉松的战利品。这些统统都不能丢! 女人的逻辑: 有纪念价值的绝对要保留! 2) 这件是我的爬山裤。我上次爬山是很久以前的事情了,可是这是我唯一一件够长,够丑,就算爬山弄脏了,也不会心痛的裤子。你看像这样具有独特功能的衣服,怎么能丢? 女人的逻辑:下次可能就会用到了,所以要保留! 3) 女人的另一个通病是会舍不得穿一些太贵或太美的衣服,因为深怕自己会不小心把它弄脏或弄坏。所以宁愿让它在衣柜里,就算放到发霉也没关系。 女人的逻辑:宝贝衣服一定要保留! 4) 我有很多挺喜欢的衣服只是当初买的时候还没想到要怎么搭,结果放了一段时间后,就忘了这回事。 女人的逻辑:不用紧先留着吧!等我想到怎么搭配就可以穿了。 *然后还是忘记* 5) 我看啊,每个女人至少都会有一打以上这样的衣服 – 极合眼缘,非常喜欢,可穿上去时,就会把自己的粗腰,象腿,肚腩等自己所谓的缺陷显得更明显。 我也有这样的衣

Japan: Osaka

This is the 6th time Kenny and I travel together, this time to Japan. :) :) He is a great companion and travel buddy. When I travel with him, 99% of the time it's all under control but  the only thing I have to put up with, is the risk of missing either flights/ trains/ buses almost everyday! So when we turned up at LCCT's international terminal way before boarding time, I thought we have finally learnt our lessons. But......there is always a 'but'  (haha) that is too early to say. I have some juicy stories for you in  the subsequent posts. So stay tuned. Anyway, when we landed at Kansai Airport, Japan. We picked up our "  Icoca and Haruka " from JR West Ticket office located at the 2nd floor . It's basically a rail pass package that comprise of a pre-paid card and a discounted travel pass from and/or to Kansai Airport (Single way: 3000 yen or round trip 4000 yen). This is ONLY for foreigners! Pls make sure that you get your air tix printed out an

Happy birthday to this November baby :)

Kenny : You know what people say about November babies? Me: Don't know boh! What? Kenny :  That our parents enjoyed a little bit too much during Valentine's day. Me: Really ahh?*counting my fingers*Oh ya hor, 9 months! Me: But did you ask your mom to see if it's true? Kenny : NO LAH~!! HOW TO ASK?! *giving me the awkward look* Me: HAHAHAHAHA..... I was born in February. Hahaha perhaps my parents enjoyed too much during Labour day somewhat 28 years ago. Not sure about the details (don't want to know also lol), but my mom did say that I was an accident! Well, that is what she claims as 'an accident' but I believe there is no Accident in Life, everything is just meant to be! I had been thinking about what to get for Kenny's 30th Birthday. It's no easy task! He has almost everything he NEEDS, and the only thing that he WANTS (that can also make him drool) is a Sports Car! But heck, I can only afford toy cars for him. You get it yoursel