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LOVE 1.1

When I was studying in Aus, I have seen a few of those beautiful moments that my eyes had ever captured. One of those, is to watch those old couples 'pak toh -ing' in the park. It's just amazing! Really!! ...I mean... how sweet!! ^^ From the way they look at each other or the way they wrap their arms around that special know they are SO IN LOVE! Every time when I came across scene like this, I would just stood there and immerse myself in the vibrating energy of love that they are sending through. I just can't help but to put a smile on my face and hope that when I had wrinkles all over my face one day, my hubby would spend some quiet time with me sitting in the park and looking at me affectionately and making another young lady who was just passing by the park smile. ^^ How nice... :) ************************************************************************************* I am 25 now, and since this year punya Chinese New Year (to be exact), my relatives star


I, am SO PROUD of myself! haha...MUST say that again! I~ AM VERY~~ PRROUUD OF MYSELFFFF!! this baru ada UPHMM!! :) ************************************************************************************* 3 months ago, a friend of mine by the name of Lucy challenged me to wear sports bra to workout in LUF end of NOV 2010! I nearly laugh my head off hearing this, but somehow, don't know why I said 'DEAL'...and I still wonder if I said that that day?! I am just not confident with my body! I got the banana shape body! *sob..sob* I had totally forgot about it and still munched on my cakes..*yum*.. and snacks...*ouuu*.. until last month, I suddenly RECALL..'the contract I signed with my mouth!' Quickly, I weighed myself and took note of my fat and muscle percentage, prescribed myself with a diet and exercise plan: 1 pump (at least, but so far just once/week), 1 abs express (sorry no photo), 3 Jams (that is Me with Brian and Fofo) and 1 Combat (Cool huh?) I tried that f

Mr D and Mr F

Once upon a time....Mr D lived at a place called 'The United'... For years now that Mr D lived there, he loved it with the only exception that every day, he had to climb over the mountain to get to the other towns. So One day, he came out with one brilliant idea. Mr D: aha!!...Grandpa told me about '愚公移山'...I can do the same thing! (check this out if you don't know the story of 愚公移山: So every morning, he would carry soil and try to move it down the slope. *very tiring you know!!* 3 months had passed by, he was starting to enjoy it especially when he saw the promising results... Mr D: no need to wait for my sons...or my grandsons..or my great grandsons...I can move this mountain THIS LIFE! hehe...boy! doesn't he sound cocky?! oh the very least he enjoyed it. 2 months later... btw, Mr D was not getting shorter k! He was getting stronger than before!! With such an achievement, of course he wanted to show off h

Just beautiful :)

My name has Moon character in it, but I never learn that it is this beautiful. :) song really put me on a 'Love' mode! aww...It's too sweet!!

Not to regret life

I was in ICU. I noticed bed 3's curtain was up but I had no idea what was going on in there. Dr R came out behind the curtain, and rang another colleague of mine. Dr R: the patient had DIED! How do.... * I lost what he said after that, I was shocked* That lady was a patient of mine for 1 day, she was NPO = nil per oral yesterday. I didn't even have the chance to feed her and she has gone to heaven. Helplessly, I stood there...observing the environment in ICU with my heart being so STILL. The Nurses proceeded with their tasks, so was Dr R. I was thinking: Were they immune? It's life we are talking about! As I look around, I realized they just have to...for there were other ICU patients that needed them With the curtain not fully pulled, I can see the patient on the bed. Her tiny figure shown on the white clothe that was wrapped around the moment, it really look like a present that was so well wrapped and ready to be sent to Heaven...hope she is now fille

so this is 'First Aid' part 2

Continuing from so this is 'First Aid' part 1 Trainer:   So as you can see on this slide, it shows the Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) burn percentages. Trainer: Ok guys, take 5 and come back for the practical. *5 minutes later*.... I was amazed at what first aid can do --> turn someone into half mummy! When all of us were practicing, someone popped this question out of a sudden. A: What if someone's 1% is hurt? How to bandage ah? I was like 'WOW! So straight forward! But for a second thought since it's part of the body, it's true that there is a chance that it can get hurt! Hmmm, yeah logic question. *Out of a sudden...* B: *talking to another colleague* Why you always look at me when they talk about 1%? Aiyo! I know my name got 'bert' but not 'bird' ma!! Don't look at me like that leh! Hahahahah!! Wah! If bert = bird, then people with the name of 'Albert' much have huge EGO right? Not Asbert or Ambert it&

so this is 'First Aid'...part 1

I have 2 days of First Aid training at my workplace, and it turns out to be fun and hilarious! Trainer: I have seen people putting weird stuff on the wound. What have you come across? A: Coffee!! my monkey mind:  Wow?! Very creative! Liddat also can? B:  Tobacco leaves!! my monkey mind:  Huh? Miss smoking that much? C: Colgate! my monkey mind: I wonder what is the reason behind? Somemore must be COLGATE...not DARLIE?! My monkey mind: But how come this man pakai colgate and left with this much of teeth only? Trainer: Guys!!! See ~ ~ ~You get all different kind of 'Treatments'. This is what you should do *and he explained for the next 20 minutes* Trainer: Now, what do you as a First Aider when someone got burnt ? D: Find some butter!! Trainer:  To make it EXTRA CRISPY is it? HAHAHAHAHA !!! *that is me laughing loudly in the Auditorium* Can not tahan, my colleagues are so funny!   LOLOL!!! View so this is 'First Aid' part 2 here!