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Joke of the Day #29: Beyonce Chicken

*During our trip in GuiLin, China* Me: *Staring at the lawn from our hotel room* Kenny:  What are you looking at baby? Me:  ...Dear Dear, the chicken here so sexy wan! Look at those legs and butt! *Whatever he was doing, he stopped and joined me* Kenny:  Wuuu~ ~ ~ ~ ~!!! Drumsticks!!! Me:  HAHAHAHA!!! So sexy right?! Kenny:  You mean like Beyonce har? Me:  HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yalor!!! Kenny: It's a Beyonce Chicken!!! Me:  HAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, it's a HOT CHICK! p/s: No offense to Beyonce, so fans of Beyonce pls don't take it seriously, that is just the way we are!  View Joke of the Day #28: I am Flattered! Still! :D

Credit Card Theft :(

Was happily shopping for my house and was interrupted by a message. It goes.... CNY??!! The only CNY I know is Chinese New Year! What currency is this?  I googled and it's China's Currency (not RMB meh??!.....) Okay loh, at least I learn something new. CNY of 8.66 is like Rm 5 or so and I thought it's from the Credit Card charges that didn't went through in China (Yalah, went shopping in China in recent trip and only know they don't accept our Credit Cards after my card fail! T_____T  看看看Credit Card 不是万能的!!!) My brain wasn't registering at all, and I thought if China can't accept my card, there's no way they can use my card in China right? ~ ~ ~ *delete thoughts and con't shopping for house deco wtf!* An hour later, I had a missed call, a message in my voicemail and a message in the box! All saying the same thing! SUSPECTED FRAUDULENT TRANSACTIONS! OMG!  How did that happen? *thinking with my eyes wide* --> NO ID

Joke of the Day #28: I am flattered! Still! :D

*I have been saving my hair for my wedding and it has reached a state where I am just too lazy to tidy it, so on a usual day, I'll just tie a bun on my head. One day, Kenny picked me up after his lunch.....* Kenny: Baby, remember the Hainan Chicken shop's owner? The Taukenio? Me: Ya? Kenny:  She asked if you work as a Air Stewardess! Me:  WAHHHH!!! I am flattered!!! *Thinking: Must-be my hair! HAHAHAHAHA* Me:  *excited* Then what do you tell her?! Kenny:  I said don't you think she is too short for that! *LOL* AIYA!!!! This dear dear ahh, I am 160cm leh....  ...... Okay lah, I'm 159.5cm. But at least I am 1.5cm above the min. height requirement! *feeling proud* I am not short OKAY?!!! View Joke of the Day #27: So this is Married life!

Wedding 101: Which one is for you - Printed v.s. Electronic wedding invitation? Which one did we go for? :)

Hi~~! It's a PH over here in East Malaysia, so I thought I should make my day productive by getting this long waited post on Wedding 101 up!  :) :) In my previous post, I wrote about How to select your dream wedding gown (and where to get it ONLINE!)? and today it's about INVITATIONS - PRINTED OR ELECTRONIC?  There are different ways of doing the same thing. Agree? 20-30 years ago, perhaps printed is the only way to go. But with the birth of technologies, and emphasis at going eco green, more people are willing to give electronic invitations a go! So which one is for you? Instead of me doing the brainstorming, I want to do it differently this time. You should be doing it (hehe). Get a piece of paper (A4 is good), fold it into half. Draw a table with 3 rows and 3 columns on one side. On the row, pop in 'printed' and 'electronic' and on the column pop in 'good' and 'bad'. It should look something like this: