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Our Love Story

2009: He always comes in late to buy coffee. Jan 2010:   We met again, this time in his gym. April 2010: I became one of his Les Mills Instructor. May 2010: We went Bali at the same time, coincidentally that is, and had dinner together. Since then:  I have been thinking of him. *blush* Feb 2011: I took out tonnes of courage and asked him out on my birthday. 18th March 2011 : He kissed me. His heart was beating so fast he said the Barista gave me one shot, you gave me two! Over the last 3 years:  We did a lot of things together. We exercise together, we travel together, we run marathon together, we cuddle, we joke, we share every moment together and I know he is the one.  A man that is there for you on every ups and downs and accept you the way you are is a man that truly loves you. 9th September 2013: He knelt down on one knee and proposed. I said 'HARRR??? WHATT?? NOW??? before I said YES!!! lolol I know, such a silly me! March 2014:

Joke of the Day #24: Hindu

*At JPN office again to process our Registration of Marriage (R.O.M) Application (shall write a post on that soon)* Me:   Hahahahaha...... Kenny: What? Me:   Laughing at your silly mistake you made last time loh! hahahahahaha!! HINDU! Kenny:   Kenny:   *wiggle his head* I wut git yiu wan kao! Me: hahahahaha!!! *wiggles back* I want 2 cows! View Joke of the Day #23: OOUUUCH!!


Hi bloggie, I miss you!  I know I've not been updating lately, even Rose ask why no update wan! lol. I'm too caught up with house reno. Man, I know nothing bout Reno and for the past 2 weeks I've learnt so much! It's really a steep learning curve for me, from choosing pillar tiles to air-con and the list goes on...... Wah, before this I thought all I need to do is to pick the things we like and they'll make it happened. (This Ming ahh, so naive ahh) But it turned out that there are much more technical and functional things to consider! Then, sometime in the last 2 weeks, I argued with my designer! People who knows me know that I'm the happy go lucky type and being angry just wasn't a 'Ming'  thing! But he pushed the wrong button and boom ~ ~! My anger erupted!  I never knew I could be one scary momok when I am super mad! DearDear ahh , are you thinking twice bout marrying me? ....Meow~ I don't have the time and energy to deta