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Wedding 101: Why Kenny & I decided not to engage any Bridal Studio - how are we gonna do it? Jeng Jeng Jeng~~~

In my previous Wedding 101 post , I mentioned that a typical Pre-wedding package looks like this : A) PREWEDDING SHOOTS xx pieces of Wedding Gown (WG) xx pieces of Evening Gown (EG) 1 piece of Traditional custom xx pieces of Coat (for groom) xx sets of Accessories xx times of Make up & Hair do  B) PREWEDDING ALBUM 1 big album (xx poses) 1 small album (xx poses) 1 bedroom Wedding frame photo 1 small wedding frame photo xx pieces of 4R photos +/- soft copies C) ACTUAL DAY (excluding photography!) xx pieces of WG xx pieces of EG xx sets of Accessories xx pieces of Coat (for groom) 2 x Make up (a.m. & p.m) Car Deco +/- Following car +/-Bouquet +/- Cossage +/- DVD slideshow After my numerous survey on forums and Bridal Studios, I was convinced that Prewedding Packages are not for us! So in the post, I’m gonna tell you the ‘WHYS’ we made this bold move! *******************************************************

Joke of the Day #23: OOUUUCHH!!

*At Kopitiam having Pan Mee after our family portrait shoot* Me: Yes dear dear? Why are you staring at me? Kenny: I found a super curly strain of hair on you! *hold the strain of hair* Me:  OUUUUUUCHHHH ~ ~ ~!!!! Me:   WHY DID YOU PULL IT OUT??!! Kenny: It's stray baby! Me: NO IT'S NOT! YOU KNOW WHY IT'S SUPER CURLY? Kenny: .............. Me:  CAUSE THE MAKE UP ARTIST DID AN INSTANT CURL ON ME FOR THE SHOOTING!!!! REMEMBER?! Kenny: OOOOOoooohhhh~ ~ ~ ~   !!! Soli Ahh Baby! Me:   This Dear Dear ahh!! View Joke of the Day #22: like Uncle