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Joke of the Day #1

Kid: Mommy, if I kiss a boy will I have baby later? Mommy: @.@" !!! At this age, you can only kiss Mommy and Daddy! Mommy: *continues* When you turn 21, only then you can kiss a boy! Mommy: *pause for a sec* But before you kiss him, YOU GOTTA ASK MOMMY FIRST!!! (I was thinking 'Thank goodness she is not my Mom!! LOL) Kid: But I thought you are DEAD already when I am 21?! Mommy:....*SPEECHLESS*.... HAHAHAHA!! Hilarious!! That the joke from my Sis and niece. My sis said that my niece wrote ' Felicia love xxx' and stick her love letter onto her bedroom wall. Hahahahaha!! I wonder who is the boy that stole her heart?! LOLOL!!!

Body Jam and Me

I had an accident on Sunday. We were practicing for Tuesday night relaunch of Body Jam 60. Without realizing I was running out of space on stage, I landed my right heel on the side of the wall, twisting my foot to one side. I heard a loud 'crack' and the pain hit in immediately! >.<" I quickly knelt down on my knee and thought 'OH NO ~! Can I still Jam on Tuesday???' Yeah, I know it sounds silly to think about that when my foot is hurting but BJ 60 is EXTRAORDINARY release! It marks 15 years of Jamming world wide and 2 years of jamming for me in Level Up Fitness! :D  Body Jam 53! :) Body Jam 54! I love the effect!! :)   Body Jam 55 at the Spring Shopping Mall :)  Body Jam 56  :)  Body Jam 57! :)  Body Jam 58! Turbulence in Paris!! *awesome pic* :) Body Jam 59!  These are the best time of my life!!! I so wanted to jam!!! but the universe wants me to slow down and rest! I did feel disappointed and almost...I said almost.

Last Chapter of Life (Part 3)

I am tired. Sitting in front of the laptop with my coffee next to me.... I need a dose of caffeine!! >.< My grandma finally discharge after 5 days of  hospitalization. She is home since but pretty much bed ridden. She vomited just now, I was patting her back and I realized how much she has shrunk over the last week. Her health is deteriorating, she has no appetite, no energy. Her vertigo attack are getting more frequent causing her to vomit. I don't know how long can she last! :( On the 4th night accompanying her in hospital, I wrote a LONG entry about her SHOW UP....... about PAIN and ANGER........... and my DILEMMAS......................and I decided to DELETE IT. LET THE PAST STAY IN THE PAST. That is the best decision I have ever made. This song says it all:  原谅 (Forgiveness) 很抱歉现在才察觉                        原来爱并不代表了解 我对你的责备和埋怨                   都变成你心里的结 很高兴你肯帮我去发现              每颗心都是一个世界 于是我能更靠近一点                   看到你的另外一面 当我原谅你曾给我的伤    

Last Chapter of Life (Part 2)

Moving my toes and fingers, slowly, I opened my eyes. It's time to wake up, Ming! 3 hours of sleep, a deep one, that should be able to keep my alertness up for Day 3 of camping in the ward. I have heard stories about my previous workplace...stories like how the TV in the empty ward suddenly turned on....patient/family members committed suicide and jump off the floor o,O"...It's hospital! People either recover and go home or they 'expired' from earth and go to heaven. Till now, I find the term 'expire' sarcastic. See  Choose to Live it fully  entry. It has been 2 restless nights, waking up every 1 -2 hours to comfort my old granny. She has been hallucinating a lot. Waking up and telling me there are lots of ants in the room and she wants to remove them. Then she tries to get off the bed! That happened during Day 1 when I was still settling into a new environment. Luckily she said 'ants' and not some scary 'thing' that might appeared from

Last Chapter of Life (Part 1)

In the Hospital ward right now, accompanying my grandma for the night; hopefully she will be going home tomorrow. We know she wants to go home. Relatives are in and out of the room and with a big family like mine; it has been a busy day for her just talking to them. She is totally exhausted, sleeping peacefully like a baby in front of me. I watched her, thinking back of the drama that happened this morning. The sun began to rise when I received a called from my ex-colleague, she is an ICU nurse and such a coincident that she was taking care of Grandma for the past two days since she was admitted. My ex-colleague was calling for help, my old granny was cursing and scolding them, thinking that they were bad people trying to poison her! And her systolic blood pressure shoot up to 230 +. but her so called ‘poison’ is actually her blood pressure medication. So dramatic right?? She maybe old, but she is very cautious with what she puts through her mouth. When it comes to se