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Awareness - being a rescuer

I had an experience today that keep me thinking throughout the night and I am ready to share it with you. The story began last week when I got a call from a colleague of mine, asking for help with policies and those paper work in preparation for JCI (hospital accreditation)...I was willing to help and I modified the draft she gave me. However, today I felt like: eh...I am helping only, how come it become my work pula? and she ordered me to do this and that...and behind adding a 'thank you'. Being '嫩' like what my father like to describe me or the english version ' being green' monkey mind had a mini fight: DEVIL: wei~! your work come I am doing it? then quickly...ANGEL said: it's ok Ming, the more you do the more you learn...take the opportunity to learn, besides there is nothing to loose. I still helped her in the end. And that bother me. I was thinking is it the right thing to do: to be a RESCUER? That happe

July 26

I am covering my colleague today and going up to the wards. After weeks of paper work, my brain is getting rusty when it comes to clinical work. But it’s all good. Once I flipped through the case notes, my brain is functioning again on a ‘clinical’ mode :). My first stop today was in ICU -one of the interesting places in hospital. Patients here require lots of monitoring and intensive treatments. Every time you read their case notes, you will be AMAZED with life. I have 4 patients in ICU and what hit me was that 2 of them were lying beside one another. They are so similar in a way, both males, 17 years of age apart, both with the same diagnosis. Watching them, I just can’t help but to frown – feeling worried. I knew the story of the younger patient. When I first saw him, he looked worried, that is understandable. I mean, it’s a major operation, who would not be worried. But it’s only after that that I learnt that he just had a newborn baby 2 days before. Wow! The fear in him not

My Dreamlist

Image of my childhood memories....^^ Watch Aladdin and get amazed with what Genie can pretty Princess Jasmine is and how cute Abu is... (hmm..probably Abu is the hyper version of Diam??hehe...) The part I like the most is to see how Genie perform his tricks! I still remember Aladdin's first wish is to become a prince and wuala~a prince he is! How nice to just rub on a magical lamp and grant your wish like that! :)... For most people...they love to immerse in the imagination and sensation of magical feelings. However, as soon as the show is over...there is no's back to REALITY! It used to be a SECRET...but not anymore!!.... You see... there is a magical lamp in this world that only the people who BELIEVE in it SEES it. and I am telling you this...because it's true and the best part is: You can grant more than 3 wishes!! Few months ago...out of curiousity...I tried it myself... My dreamlist!! and my messy handwrting!..


In my head......lives 3 monkeys... As you can see, Diam is a lone ranger...don't like to socialise...don't like to hill people... as long got food, happy already. For me to deal with this monkey...most of the time still manageable...! Now, the other 2 are very active!! The one sitting in the middle and enjoying a scratch on the head...that is the bossy Devil and the poor, soft spoken Angel has always been so sweet and hence bullied by Devil. The problem for me is that...Diam, Devil and Angel really know how to take over my mind...examples: 1) I was sitting in the living room yesterday and I saw the homemade chocolate biscuits I bought in the food fair. Diam saw that too...he asked for 2....but somehow...when Diam is maths is terrible...I can only count 1...1...1...1...and after nearly 1/2 a container is gone...I finally learnt to say much calories I ate already! &#$@&*...Bad Diam! Bad Diam! then... 2) Today, my colleague from marketing rang me, asking

Choose to live it fully

Lunch time has always been one of the best time of the day, but not today! Just seconds ago, my colleague told me that the guy in ICU had gone to heaven. And in hospital language, it's called 'discharge to die' or 'expired' - how sarcastic! For me, I preferred 'gone to heaven' or if there is only 5 floors in a hospital, it's call 'gone to level 6'. I am feeling emotional right now. As few hours ago, I was just in ICU seeing another patient who was sitting directly opposite that guy. I was aware that the Medical team was doing some procedures on him but DEATH was something that I didn't expect! He was breathing then! and the only memory that I had for the first and last time was : his wife gently touching his forehead and whispering in his ears. I have no idea what she said to him but you can just feel the energy of LOVE and HOPE... To leave the world in the early 30's is just too fast! What have you seen? How long have you love? H

High school memories

For the first time eva~ in my life that... i woke up very early on a sunday, get DRESSED UP like a tourist and headed to my high school CHMS No.1 for the food fair... and Keira before i left home! ohh~ she is just adorable! Love the V shape fringe! I took the same old path to school. Gosh! It had been 8 years and I felt like I am back in high school again...and i can't help to take a photo of these stairs... I still remember Mom used to drop me here by car...and I would walk up the stairs with my heavy footsteps, so not wanting to go to school...and turn my head over and gave Mom a pleading look. :( ....I don't like this DEPARTURE feel... I live very close to my 2 minutes away. Ya, I know! I am lucky to have Mom to send me to school but PLEASE~,don't call me a spoilt kid ok?!... Living close to school doesn't mean I won't be late for school. It's almost an everyday routine back then that Mom dropped me there, I'd rush through the mini

Have we met before?

Hi Bloggie! I am hoping to get to know you and i just realized today that we have met 2 years ago at this place: I am sorry if it took this long for me to re-appear in your life! It's all good now. Do be my listener, Bloggie! I shall share my moments with you! Love, Eleven