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To be exact, it's ...... ' WWWHHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE THIS ALSO CAN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, BIG Font and BOLD! With infinite'!') That was exactly what went through my head when people I deal with at work make my jaw drops to the floor. Somehow this year, I keep coming across people who gave me this reaction. Till one point (which is like just now) I decided to put it up in my little space and named it by series. Today mark the birth of Part 1: WHAT?! LIKE THIS ALSO CAN?!!! I got a quotation today which after my discussion with boss, we feel that they are overcharging us. I am instructed to negotiate with them to see if we can come to an agreement that both parties are happy with. Fair right? But guess what kind of respond I got? Sorry, but I'm actually very busy.....blah...blah...blah and stand firm on the overpriced quote. WHAT IS THIS?!!! LIKE THIS ALSO CAN?!!!   For the first time ever, I hear this kind of lame excuse! TELL ME

Joke of the Day #19: I want my RICE!!!

I miss Kenny...... He was away for one week, back for less than 24 hours and he flew off again.  Sometimes, I wonder if my fiance has another identity - Superman! Even if that is true, with his lightning speed whenever I need him, he should just turn up liddat *snap fingers* right? Didn't happen leh. =( 只能看看手机里的相片and I saw this photo. *Flashback* At our new nest meeting up our ID while Kenny eats/dapao food for me. Kenny: I'm home~~~! Are you starving? Me: A~~Ha~~~!! *Grab lunch* Kenny:   Awwwww~ my poor baby! *Eagerly open up lunch* Me:  HARRRR????!!!  Kenny:  WHAT WHAT WHAT??! Me:  Where is my Rice?! They~ forgot~ MY~ RICE~~!!  Kenny:  No baby! That's what I ordered! Me:   HARRRRR???!! Me:   I want my rice!!!  Kenny:  It's okay baby, that's what I have for lunch! Me:  It's not filling enough for me without the rice~!!  I want my rice!  Kenny: Y ou'll feel full wan after eating tha

Taiwan Penghu Islands: CiMei - Magong (澎湖岛: 七美-马公)

*continuing from Taiwan: PengHu Islands (澎湖岛) * TIP #1: Originally named '大嶼乡', the island was renamed as 'Ci Mei' (七美) to commemorate the Seven Beauties who fought for their chastity. Story has it that the men were out in the sea, when the Pirates attacked the South side of the island. Seven beautiful Maiden sacrificed their lives to protect their chastity.  Choosing death over humiliation and dishonor, the maiden jumped into a well which later grew into 7 rare Catalpa Bungei trees.  ~ ~  such a sad but brave story!  Without knowing the legend when we visited Ci Mei (七美) , the two naive tourists went: Naive 1: Oh look! That looks like an attraction! (it's a sign when you see hawkers outside) Naive 2: Okay, let's have a look! We randomly asked someone what are there to see inside? And were told.....Trees! (Okay, that person is the naive-est of all) So we thought     Harr? An entrance fee just for tree-viewing isn't