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Shit or Lion?

It's an absolute disgrace when a bf threw a party, celebrating his big 3-0 birthday, and his gf looks shitty! When the lady show me my hairdo, I gave her an astonishing and ELONGATED 'HARRRR~???' = 'WHAT? I PAY YOU ENOUGH TO GET A DECENT MEAL AT MAGENTA, AND YOU MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A LION?!'  (but muted) After I repeatedly flatenning my hair with my hands, this is how I look... WHAT DO YOU THINK?  SHIT or AFRICAN LION? I was super-duper upset! I told Kenny I don't want to turn up. But he said 'Baby, my party is nothing without you!' Awww, my dear dear~ That is how sweet he is.   Everyone was telling me I looked okay, but hell, only Mom was being honest.  She said I looked like lion.  Oh Mama, how can you be so honest when I needed white lie? .... ..... ........... Okay lah, at least better than shit! *self-comforting* .... .........  Alright! Enough of this!  I don't feel any better and it's dragging my

Last Chapter of Life (Part 8: The End)

I have not been writing about my grandma for a while…… It has been a 100 days. How are you settling in Heaven Ah Ma?...... Recalling the days when she fought for her life, moments when she looked okay one day and struggled the next day, till the day when Doc announced she will be leaving us soon, it has been a tough battle for her. We knew it is coming. And it’s gonna end all her suffers. I thought we were mentally prepared but when her Doc told us her time is limited, we got emotional. Accepting death is not easy! Tears rolled down my aunties cheeks. I hold mine back, trying hard to focus on Doc’s advice. Slowly, my vision of her Doc turns blurry. I rang up my parents and my siblings to update them about Granny’s progress. Yeah, 4 months ago, I did the same thing ~ As I repeat myself over the phone, what felt unreal to me initially had sunken in. This is it! She is going! She is leaving us really soon! We went into the treatment room to check on her newly set up IV Drip. B

I miss Kenny

 I feel the emptiness in my life when Kenny is away. That kind of feeling is like I have lost one of my legs and I can't dance. He is a big part of me and when he is away, I am incomplete! I am totally okay at work. Have been busy reading about one of the food ingredients these few days. By the time I feel tired, it's almost 5 dy. But when I am at home, and mom was asking '今晚没有晒月亮har?' it reminds me that he is away in China right now, doing his solo travelling. We have been together for 1 1/2 years, plus 2 months. Did I just confuse you? Out of the 20 months that we were together, he was probably away from me for 3 months. Ya~ap, I am not joking. The day after we got together, he left me alone in Kuching and he went to Korea for Marathon. After that, he had media events to attend, flying to KL, Sg or aboard like a superman. Early this year, he had made another commitment. He is gonna travel to KL every two weeks to get his Invisalign fixed with MyDentist. When he

13.11.12 Body Pump

Super quick post. I came in a bit late for Body Pump class today and I was left with the last 1 kg plates.T.T Yeah, that is how popular pump classes are, it's fully occupied just minutes before it starts. While I was pumping with the bars, I was still searching for the missing 1kg plate. WHO TOOK IT? They always come in pairs, who took an extra 1 kg?? IT'S MINE~!! With the missing 1kg plate, I was left with no choice but to use the 5kg weight on each side for the squats track (I normally have 3.5kg each side). Wahhh, Track 2 only wei~ my thighs were burning dy. How to finish the class? Thanks to Ryan (a.k.a Regina during Halloween) he donated a 1kg plate for me. * :) hehe....touched* And then half way through the class, Lee had nosebleed and he apologised for that.  Doesn't he resembles the guy behind? Awww~ you don't have to say sorry, it wasn't your fault. I can't help but to suspect that Regina is the culprit for Orly's nosebleed. She

Kenny's birthday is coming....

......27th November last year...... I pre-booked his schedule, asking him to be available for me after lunch. I requested a text by 12.30pm so I can execute my wicked surprise!! :) HeHeHeHe... He did as told. I drove my SIL's white Prado and secretly parked outside of his house and tiptoed to his gate. I know he wanted this back! His bicycle! I confiscated it for one month after witnessing him almost being crushed on the road! The image is still so clear in my head. He was just inches away from the passing vehicles and most of them didn't realize he was there cause there were no lights!  He didn't have sufficient safety gears, no lights, no helmets, no rear mirrors....If you were me and you were seeing this when you follow him from behind, in a car that is [ I still can't ride a bike :( ], I think you would do the same too right? I told him I am keeping his bicycle until he got all his safety gears. That same night he spent hundreds of $$ over the interne