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My Papa :)

I found this photo recently :) :) It's me and my Papa... I just loved the connection that this photo has captured. I don't even recall in my memory. But that girl is SURE me! 01/01/1989 - I am only 3 and a 11/12. I am daddy's little girl. Although I am 25 this year, Papa sometimes still treats me like a 4-year old. I enjoy that and I am not shy to express my love towards him :). We hold hands when we go out :)...I will lie on Papa's chest when we watch TV together at home :)...I enjoy my breakfast together with Papa and the freshly made coffee that he makes...I will look at him and say 'I love you Papa' and really mean it and definitely not to miss the 3 M moments I enjoyed so much when Papa shared about his life back in those days! My daddy, is someone I am really proud of! He always says: Seeing hardworking people make me happy. I can see why he says that - that is his value and his success today is build on top of this hard core foundation of diligent. As I

The winning 5-letter word for August 2010

What is your favourite 5-letter word??....thinking?...still thinking?? Well, if you ask me the same question yesterday....I shall either answer 'ALIVE' or 'Xxxxx'...:) not going to tell you who he is! hehehe... Ui~ finish thinking or not?? I think at this time of a month your mind can only come up with one 5 letter word hor? M-O-N-E-Y, Same here! Just got my payslip, then I wonder, why every month I got EXCITED about it then 2 weeks later got PANICK about it and the last week got CRAZY about it! Allow me to explain... You see, when I get the $$, first of all, I clear up my credit cards debts, then got Home Tax, then petrol and that my dear friend, used up near half of my salary! With the remaining half, I need to plan on how much to spend weekly so it's not over-budget. I don't know if you and I share this issue: by the end of the month, I wonder where did I spend all the $$ I earn?...I noticed that this year. That is why smart Ming decided to save 1/4 of my sal

Cupid at work

Dear Bloggie, I need to pour it out to you!! ......I just received an sms less than 10 minutes ago, asking if I am seeing someone. How I wish if this was sent by the one that I like, but obviously it wasn't from him. This is the third person this month that I figured out that they like me. Not too bad at the age of 25, you still get admirer. Now I wonder, when I was in my early 20's why it was dxmn quiet. Pardon my language, but that was exactly how I felt. My first admirer is a nice guy. This does not describe him BTW. I met him in a course called Core Value (CV) and sometimes we hangout with the rest of the CV family, sharing our experiences and awareness. I didn't sense it coming until one day we went to food fair. I don't mind if it's just 2 of us. For me, friends ma, friends can be guy or girl; no big deal. But there was a tiny weeny 1 second where he wrapped his arms around my shoulder and I felt weird as that was not the usual him that I know. I just thought

You don't see this everyday!

When I first saw this outside of LUF...I burst out creative! and since I am Ming, this is what I did: I took out my phone and took a photo of this. Cannot tahan Kenny's sense of Kenny was working in the marketing line, he would be one of the TOP with those entertaining ads. I think the poster work quite well. Haven't been seeing people smoking in front of LUF then, but maybe few meters away from LUF - YES. Good la, smoke free! But then, yesterday... Did you notice what is that? a spider...look closer... XIU KIONG!!...he wanted a RIDE!!...somemore he was hanging at the window next to driver seat! I was thinking how to get into the car... Scenario 1: I opened the car door, he flew in with me...cham lo~! to get it out? Scenario 2: Before I open the car door, he flew and landed on my face!!...I would scream on top of my lungs till people at the Kuching Fest could hear me!!.. Scenario 3: Before I reach the car door, he flew towa

I Miss BNE

Hi Bloggie! Had lunch yet? I am chewing my food and talking to you at the same time. Cannot tahan already...I just have to throw this out to you. Today, I am exactly 2 years and 1 day back in Kuching. That somehow make me feel weird. I still recalled how I had this 'indigestion' from cultural shock when I first moved back here... I have lost all my contacts with my friends and most of them were not in Kuching! It was tough and the only place that I feel comfortable was at home with the kids. I stayed in Brissy till the last day of my visa's expiry date. I didn't have the gut then to tell my friends the day I was leaving...because I knew being such good friends...they would give me farewell party...and I didn't want that!..It just made it harder for me to say goodbye! :( Every time I got questioned about when I would leave BNE; I just looked back and say 'SOON', without extra information on exactly when. But my friends were clever too, somehow they got my kuc