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25.10.12 Rush

My armpits are sweating. Mom is doing her best to get me to the airport. Not sure if I am able to make it on time to board my plane. 35 mins before departing and I am still on my way to the airport. What's going on with today's traffic? It's like office rush hour. @.@ Looking at the LONG queue of cars tailing each other make me sweat even more. Please let me make it, Dear Universe! I keep my head down and distract myself with tweets and FB. Can not lah, every time I look up at the traffic in front, I can see a lighter about to burn my air tix! NOOOO~ o.O" Not my Japan trip with Kenny! I want our Us trip! It's okay Ming, you checked in dy. You just need to take your luggage and board the plane. Ok, ok, I can do that. *sucking some air back to my throat* Oh crap! Haven't check in my luggage!!! Counter close 45 mins? *die* 😱😱 I ask mom to speed up and she said 'don't make me stress leh...jam here. How to speed?' Oh my cute Mama, how can u st


As Promised :) A post about my abs  tummy! Side profile Front profile  Okay, I admit it! They are taken before breakfast.......and after toilet!! And don't say I sucked my tummy in ahh, this is my solid proof! There is no way I can suck my arms in right? I know I am not there yet (the obliques I mean) but my desire to get it is still burning. I think I deserve some credits for achieving this results just over weeks. And who knows if I keep to my current exercise routine, perhaps by next month, my obliques will be waving at you hehehe. Believe it or not, I was fat as a kid. Everything was good then cause I got all the attention every where I went. I was like a magnet and people just love me! They called me cute, they cubit me on my chubby cheek! And I was happy. Unfortunately, I have my sad moments too when I went to kiddie and none of them wanted to play seesaw with me, know, I weighed heaver on the seesaw scale. :( That was not the saddest one

How to survive KL cabbies deceit

Have you read about the recent news about KL cabbies having a  bad reputation  for overcharging people esp tourists? Well, I am Malaysian, but I live 2 hours away from KL via plane, so I guess I am considered tourist too. I was away in KL for a 2 day training at UKM recently. Since I was alone on the first day and I have no idea where UKM is, I thought it's a good opportunity to learn some survival skills. So I did my research and decided to take KLIA Transit to Bandar Tasik Selatan (Adult: RM 26.50, Travel time: 24 mins) then at the same station take a Komuter to UKM (Adult: Rm 2.40, Travel time:21 Mins). From there, I will need to take a short taxi ride which should cost no more than Rm 5 (according to another blog I read) to get to my accommodation, UKM Puri Pujangga. All of that will take about 50 mins and cost me about RM 34 in total. Not that bad huh? But being a baby at home, my big bro insisted for me to take a cabbie to UKM for my safety D: OK loh~ ~ I bought a taxi


I had another boyfriend.  We started our relationship just yesterday but he faded away too quickly after I woke up. I couldn't remember who he is and all I recall was he was with me and half way through my dream,  I realized I am already attached with Kenny 'How did I ended up with this new bf?' Bothered by this dream I told my Oppa about it. Cause I feel bad if I hide this from him. *Duh~! Stupid move! I should have kept quiet! * ‘WHAT? You cheated on me?!’ my Oppa exclaimed. ‘But it’s just a DREAM!’  * 跳进黄河也洗不清 *  ‘Dream is coming from your subconscious! *Pause* Who is HE? WHAT DOES HE LOOKS LIKE? IS HE BETTER THAN ME??' Hmmmm MEN -_____-  Do all men react this way? Because I would expect a respond like ‘What makes you dream of that?’ instead of ‘What does he looks like?’ Feelings! FEELINGS~!! We are emotional animals! …… …… à so damn true that Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. =________= After that I quickly googled  Dream Diction


Hi People! Or should I say, Hi Siew Chin, I am so surprised to find that you are following my blog on NuffnangX. So touched until I wanna cry ahh I tell you, cause you are my Lucky number 1! :) You will be the first to read this too. Fresh from the oven! Today is my Big sis's 10th wedding anniversary and also my SIL's birthday. Things are getting pretty exciting for these two ladies. My sis got her bouquet of flowers from her loving husband and my SIL got a surprise from Us. We pay her a visit and she was in PAJAMAS! Hahahaha! Nice way of celebrating your 39th birthday huh, sure unforgettable one. Handsome (our factory manager) got her a Mocha cheese cake. Died! so fattening! I told handsome not to buy cake that is too sweet cause my SIL doesn't like it. Great! Now he brought Fat over! uhhhh, should have told him I am on diet! To eat or not to eat leh? *struggle* .....>___<""............ The guilt is piling on me, 2.5 weeks to go till I show you m