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Mad at the birthday boy!!!

I am hungry and I have all the reasons to be mad. Remember? Hell hath no fury like a hungry wife? I just can’t control my temper when I’m not being fed! (Okay, I sound like a baby now.) Today is Kenny’s birthday, the first birthday celebration for us as Husband and Wife. We said to meet at home at 7pm. But as I wrote this, it’s 8.13pm already. I am Hungry!!! I want food!!!!! *ROARRRR* (okay, now I am a lion). *Waiting at home and tapping my fingers* They say ‘ When you have nothing to do, find something to do! ’. Okay loh, I read reviews on restaurants, and the food pics they posted just made my tummy growled LOUDER! EAT or NOT TO EAT that is the question. JUST EAT LAHHH~~!! I went to our pantry, took out some biscuits and topped it with my favourite cheese (yes, I’m a rat), munch them all in (like I don’t gain weight liddat), and hope they kill my hunger. NOPE, it didn’t work. T_________T The food did went down…….. But it was too little that not even m

Wedding 101: The HOWS of applying for ROM outside of JPN and my application story!

*resuming from Wedding 101: My reviews of Mei Ling - the Makeup Artist (MUA) * Finally, JPN find time to update their website! *Clap Clap!!!* Here is the link . This, is my simplified version, which I shall call it...  THE 10 EASY STEPS TO APPLY FOR ROM OUTSIDE JPN OFFICE! An Example. Jessica and Ben are both from Kuching and they are planning for their ROM to be held in their backyard on 01-02-2015 (Sunday). So between 01-01-2015 and 09-01-2015, they'd have to head to their nearest JPN office to complete the application.  [Why that time? Refer point 3 shortly.]  1) JPN Offices in KUCHING :      a)  Ground Floor of JPN office:         Operating Hours:           Mon - Fri: 7.30am - 5.30pm (Fri off: 11.45am - 2.45pm)         Location:         Next to TM building near King Centre Roundabout     b) UTC:         Operating Hours:         Mon - Sun: 8.30am - 9pm (Fri off:11.45am - 2.45pm)         Location:           Top Spot (if

Wedding 101: My reviews of Mei Ling - the Makeup Artist (MUA)

Updated: 24/4/2015 *Resuming from Wedding 101: How to pack your 'Kapit' (Bridal Luggage)? * When it comes to make up, I’m just hopeless. And every time I do my own make up, it’s giving me a lot of stress (believe it or not? Make up also give me stress *alamak!!*). The hardest part is to do the eye makeup. No matter how nice and even I colour my lids, once I open my eyes, they’re gone!  内双就是这样 *T___T * So I know, I really need a skillful Make Up Artist (MUA) on my wedding day. And since skillful means good and good means they get booked out fast! I hired ‘Mei Ling’ at the very early stage of my wedding planning. Actually, the correct spelling of her name is Mui Lin but you’ll often find her name appearing on the internet as ‘Mei Ling’. She has over 20 years of experience with Bridal Make up, she works with Pearl Studio and she also does freelancing. Her style of makeup trends towards natural looking with lots of details on the eyes! That is exactly what I need