10 reasons to keep our baby's 1st Birthday SIMPLE!

First Birthday,  yes, it is an important one to document. Afterall, it is the day that the baby is no longer termed a 'baby' but a 'toddler'. Image from internet My mommy friends and I had an interesting discussion on how we have celebrated our babies' first birthday. And I was surprised to hear two stories: 1) Mommies are willing to pay for over thousands of Ringgit to hire an event planner. 2) Mommies stressing up over DIY party. I have no problem with the Idea of hiring professional help. But when I hear that the decoration alone cost quite a bit (in this case, over 1k), I was like 'What?!! Just decoration alone cost that much?!'......... I can never understand why parents would do that (oh please tell me!) And for those mommies who are stressing up over birthday party that only last less than 2 hours, please,  RELAX and STOP MAGNIFYING on it. That stress is unnecessary, it is not a wedding, birthday happens every year! So I am gonna write

Confinement Lady in Kuching

Last updated: 14.05.2019 I thought my blog is pretty much 'dead'. But when I saw this post appearing in a mommy group, I was surprised to see the number of clicks on this post! I am so sorry for not updating this, being a mommy to a 2-year-old is just overwhelming. Anyway, I am going to clean up and tidy up this post: Today! Part 1: There are a few things I need to clarify: 1) How the CL got into this list? I compiled the list when I was pregnant in 2015 and I search through the CL recommendations in mommy group, which means, at least ONE MOMMY recommended the CL that's how they got into this list. 2) How realiable are the recommendations? That, you need to find out yourself through interviewing the CL and asking on groups/friends for reviews because I don't know the relationship of the mommy who recommended the CL (could it be  someone who had hired the CL? or  neighbour of a CL? or  the daughter of a CL? okay, maybe overthinking, but please find out

I just want to BLaH ~~~

Hi bloggie! I am waiting for my sleeping handsome to wake up, this night owl ahhh! So hard to wake him up! So okay loh, I kill time here.  So in September, I was terribly affected by the haze and Kenny decided to send me off to KK to stay with my sis. Who knows the initial planned stay of 3 days turned out to be 2 and a half weeks. Every time I booked my ticket home, the next day the haze worsen! Fuiyoh~~~ burnt two tickets, my Rm 500 just flew off liddat *heartache*. Funny thing was, after recovering from my haze allergy  (it was really bad, my face including my eyelids were swollen, red and itchy) I returned home and people start telling me that I have this 'Pregnancy Glow' *laughing at the background* hahahhah for the first time, I was told I am glowing and that joyous feeling is almost like someone telling me I am pretty *bahahahhahaha*. My pregnancy so far is good! Poppyseed is behaving well so I have no backache or anything horrible. Just that hunger kicks in

Joke of the Day #37: Naming #PoppyseedSia! :)

Pretty soon, we'll know Poppy Seed's gender, and the search for a name will soon begins. I thought only Kenny and I would be excited, but these two girls, Keira (9 y.o) and Celeste (7 y.o) were even more excited!! Keira : Xiao GuGu (Aunty), have you got a name for Poppy Seed yet? Me : Not yet, we don't know baby's gender. Keira : Oh. I am thinking, if it's baby girl, let's call her 'Poppy'! *excited* Celeste : *puts hand up* I know I know~~ !! I have a good name for her ~~~!! We can name her 'Pelican'! *excited* Me : HAR?!!! *face becomes distorted instantly* Oh Leste! You know what is Pelican or not? Celeste : ummm....I forgot! But I heard of it somewhere. It sounds so~~~ nice! *naively* *alamak 梦梦就是梦梦,做梦第一名* Me : Pelican is a kind of bird lah~~~! I don't want to name Poppy Seed that~ ~ !  We are thinking something starting with 'K'! Keira : Har?!! Pls don't name her 'Keira'! I'll be very confused!

Hello #PoppyseedSia!

I know it has been a while, but I have to keep the secret ‘a SECRET’ until the time is right. There is nothing else I want to document apart from this exciting new chapter of mine and every time I log onto my little space, I just feel like sharing my joy with you all. And here is the news: Kenny-and-I-are-EXPECTING! *tonnes of yays* (I cry breaking this news, so excited!) I didn't expect a pregnancy initially. Cos every time I think of pregnancy, I have this story my biology teacher told me, playing over and over again in my head.  She said: For a sperm to fertilize an egg, it’s a long and rough journey, and most of them didn’t make it through. And for those that did, if they make a wrong turn, then BAD LUCK! The Egg can only live for one day and is waiting at the other side! ( See! We'll need a lot of luck to get pregnant!!!) So, when my period didn’t report on the day it should,  I just thought it was late. ( and partly also because I don’t want my baby to be born

Joke of the Day #36: Ox Sxxx!

Hi Little Bloggie, I have so much to tell you ~! So many things happened lately, a mix of both good and bad. Luckily the bad news are not overly serious. And I feel blessed that there is still something to laugh at when luck was not by my side. Last week, I got into a car accident. My car was hit by a car behind, causing a dent on the boot. When I looked back to see who the driver was, I saw 'Oh Shitttt!!' forming on her lips. Bahahahaha #howtogetangryliddat   LOL. When I told Kenny about it....... Me: Dear Dear, I got into a car accident. I am okay! No one is injured. Kenny: HARR? What happened? *repeat story again and he asked....* Kenny:  so did you chase her with car steering wheel lock? #mysillyhusband view Joke of the Day #35: Domestic Violence

Joke of the Day #35: Domestic Violence

Well, as couple, we do have our own couple routine. Other than dancing, there are also multiple doses of hugs and kisses. One day, my husband decided to give me some extra love~ Image from Internet Me:  Meow~ ~!     #howtogetattentioninonesec Kenny:  Awww~ ! Want siok siok har?  *hug hug* Me:  ouch ouch ouch!!!  Me:  Stop patting my butt!!!! Kenny:   I siok siok you mah~~~  *pat harder* Me:  OUCH!!!~ Me:  IT'S MORE LIKE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!!~ Kenny:   LOL Sorry hahahahahaha meh~, so insincere! View  Joke of the Day #34: The Dragons' Cousin