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Birthday Eve :)

3 more hours till I turn 28! :) :) Can't wait for the clock to strike 12 and have Kenny to wish me Happy birthday (hehe, I am such a superglue). But leh, I think with the amount of assignments I am handling at work today and the excitement of me growing into an adult, that have pretty much use up my energy. I am so exhausted right now. Yet, I have to drag my tired body and head to a bakery to order for my own cake (celebrating my birthday the next day with my family/reunion dinner) 😏 I know it sounds so Kelian. But that is how I avoid my niece from buying the cake she wants to eat! LOL This girl ahh, only 9 but she can nag all day long till u surrender and listen to her. HA-HA Belle! This trick doesn't work on Xiao GuGu. I am ordering the cake I want. U wait next month for your birthday lah! Hemmmm~~~ *touching my nose* LOL Didn't expect much this year. For the past 2 years, I had been stretching my birthday and celebrated it over a few days until the actual da

Growing into adulthood

My birthday is coming soon! Gonna turn 28 this Friday. 老大不小的年龄 but I still feel like a kid inside. I am still so playful and worry-free. That is a good thing, really, just not in some circumstances. 2 more days till I hit that age, an age for Ming to transform from a girl to a woman (lol)! My theme this year is to be an ADULT. Yeah, I know that sounds boring but I have reach the stage of my life to take more responsibilities and be more independent. I am growing into adulthood (like finally)! 1) WORKFORCE It's has been about 2 years since I turned my career path into the Food Industry. It's a huge change from talking to patients everyday to sampling beverages; And went from being an end user to the creator of new food products. I love the creativity that my work offers, it allows me to unleash my wild ideas and give life to my creations. I truly enjoy the whole process. The only thing that I have trouble with is to handle things professionally and maturely like an AD

My new hair

Hi Bloggie ~ ~! I miss you~ ~ Home internet is down so I have to abandon you for a while. Sorry~ ! Now, Updates! :) Two things have changed since Mommy last spoke to you: One, my hair; Two, my skin. My hair is still black, but it's no longer straight. I permed it, thinking it's the best thing to do cause the back of my head is so flat that I thought curly hair would give it more volume and shape. Plus, Kenny was away in KL (again) so it makes perfect sense to have my hairdo at this time. The problem is, the girl who did my hair doesn't seem skillful enough. T.T I went from looking like this .... To looking like this...... :( When my 2 bro saw me, he went OMG~! Then, stood there with his mouth wide open. When my 2 sis saw me, she said 'Wah~ like bird's nest!' When my niece, Belle, saw me she said 'Just now got lizard scare you har?' When my dad saw me, he asked why was my hair so messy. After knowing I permed it, he commented

Joke of the Day # 4: Yoga

This is what our RPM Instructor, Jack, put on his FB: And the comments he got: Ryan: Day 9 can fly jor.....Wahahaha! Jack: I believe I can flyyyy ~~~~~ Ryan: I believe I can touch the sky ~~~~~~ Me: Hahahaha  Me:  or Sie Jor ~~~~ *CHOI~~~* *hehe Just kidding* p/s:  Joke of the day # 3  

My year 2012 :) :)

I got to say, this is the post with the most~ ~ photos in it, of course mah, talking about a glimpse of a year in a blog post here, capturing the Essence of my life in 2012 leh, must storytelling with photos right? Ready? Here we go! :) :) 1) So, I started my year with L.U.F Roadshow at the Spring, relaunching Body Jam 59: Till death do we party! Introducing the BJ team Party mode is on again in 2013 :D so block your schedule on the first weekend of Januanry i.e. 5/1/13 (Sat) and 6/1/13 (Sun) and head up to Plaza Merdeka to join our quarterly relaunch.  BJ team is performing on Sat at 5pm! See you there~ (Full schedule here ) 2) Birthday celebrations (x 3)! #1 Got a birthday surprise from Baba, DiDi, Nana, Fofo, YC and Nick. :) #2 Then on my birthday eve, I received an unexpected lecture from my dad about 成家立业. =.=" My cute Mama and my protective Papa ^^ ^^ ^^ You know how serious he is when few months later..... He bought a chinese lunar cal