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When life gives you lemon, you made lemonade out of it. When life gives you a hard time, you gotta dance through it. When life gives you a tough person to deal with, it’s another lesson Life wants you to learn!   Hi folks, I know I owe you my weekend travel post, it’s half written and I actually plan to finish it tonight. But I am just human; I needed to vent my emotions to regain myself! I had an argument with my superior! Almost burst into tears and fight back with spiteful words but the rational side of me suppressed it.  I know when anger strikes, words are like knives. Every single words forming on that lips just stab through the heart, making it….. Painful…... Hurtful.…… Resentful…… To moan over the silly things that slipped through my mouth has happened too many times in my life! And I learnt one important lesson: To think before I speak! And I shall never lose my temper! I sat there waiting for him to finish his words! The look o

Joke of the Day #15: MINION!!!

Since the Minion Craze is still sweeping the world (and they bring so much laughter) I am gonna share my version of real life Minion Jokes ! (3 doses of Jokes in a single post) *Story dates back to 2nd July * Me: Dear Dear, I did my treatment dy! Kenny: What treatment? Me: Underarm whitening! Kenny:  Hahaha got such things ahh? I didn’t know! Me:   Got~ ~!!! Me:  Wah, Dear Dear, I tell you ahh, when girls reach certain age, must start maintenance wan you know! Facial lah, skin care lah~ Kenny:  Awww~, so you did all these maintenance for me? Me:  aha~ Kenny:  For me to see only? Me:   *smelling something fishy but still say* aha~ ~!! Kenny:  THEN I WANT TO SEE YOUR ARMPITS!! Me:  DUN-WAN!!! AIYA!!! THIS DEAR DEAR AHH, TRICK ME INTO THIS!! Kenny:   Kenny:  Okay loh, at least tell me how they do it...... Me:  First of all, I had my armpit examined (very awkward but then they must have s

Taiwan: Alishan Forest Recreation Area - Ruili (阿里山国家森林遊乐区 - 瑞里)

*continuing from Taiwan: JiuFen - Pingxi (九份-平溪) The lights came on, the bus came to a complete stop, I woke up from my sleep thinking “Where are we?!!” It’s Day 3 in Taiwan but our erratic schedule make it seems like a dream. It took me a few moments to reset my mind. "Oooh, it’s not a dream, I am in Taiwan and we just arrived AliShan via overnight bus." (TIP # 1: Click Here  to get full list of things to do/transportation/ weather forecast/ accomodation in Alishan National Scenic Area) Map of Alishan Heck it’s almost 3am in the morning. T.T Sooo Sleepy. As soon as I got down from the bus, the chill in the air woke me up! It’s freezing cold!!  I shivered my way to the ticket office and it’s not open, yet! *&$#($@)#)@! Until, a round 3.30am, the staff finally let us in.  I learnt my lesson: DO NOT go to Alishan in Short Pants and Tee! (Tip # 2) Ideally, you'll need long pants, sweater, scarfs, gloves and SUNGLASSES (for watc