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Confinement Lady in Kuching

Last updated: 14.05.2019 I thought my blog is pretty much 'dead'. But when I saw this post appearing in a mommy group, I was surprised to see the number of clicks on this post! I am so sorry for not updating this, being a mommy to a 2-year-old is just overwhelming. Anyway, I am going to clean up and tidy up this post: Today! Part 1: There are a few things I need to clarify: 1) How the CL got into this list? I compiled the list when I was pregnant in 2015 and I search through the CL recommendations in mommy group, which means, at least ONE MOMMY recommended the CL that's how they got into this list. 2) How realiable are the recommendations? That, you need to find out yourself through interviewing the CL and asking on groups/friends for reviews because I don't know the relationship of the mommy who recommended the CL (could it be  someone who had hired the CL? or  neighbour of a CL? or  the daughter of a CL? okay, maybe overthinking, but please find out

I just want to BLaH ~~~

Hi bloggie! I am waiting for my sleeping handsome to wake up, this night owl ahhh! So hard to wake him up! So okay loh, I kill time here.  So in September, I was terribly affected by the haze and Kenny decided to send me off to KK to stay with my sis. Who knows the initial planned stay of 3 days turned out to be 2 and a half weeks. Every time I booked my ticket home, the next day the haze worsen! Fuiyoh~~~ burnt two tickets, my Rm 500 just flew off liddat *heartache*. Funny thing was, after recovering from my haze allergy  (it was really bad, my face including my eyelids were swollen, red and itchy) I returned home and people start telling me that I have this 'Pregnancy Glow' *laughing at the background* hahahhah for the first time, I was told I am glowing and that joyous feeling is almost like someone telling me I am pretty *bahahahhahaha*. My pregnancy so far is good! Poppyseed is behaving well so I have no backache or anything horrible. Just that hunger kicks in