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About Me 1.1

I don't have to be THE BEST, I just need to be the BEST THAT I CAN BE! That is me, (with Wyndie on the right) my name is Ming! ^^

Who is guilty?

Who did this?? Peeing on the floor on a hot hot day? IS IT YOU AGAIN, LITTLE JASS?? or YOU, Thunder boy?? *TURN on the volume and watch this video, you will love it* AWWWW.... the video is so cute ~, they have penalty box?? and Yap... I found my guilty dog too!! Thunder peeing on the floor *out of anxiety* when the Vet examine him. It's ok Thunder boy, I got it censored. *as I was editing, Mom asked why not just get him an underwear? * I kinda like that idea hehe Thunder boy, I got you a superman's underwear. and a sunglasses No one can recognise you, boy, It's ok, we can still find you your bitc-h *ahhermmm* ...I mean girl...

Thank you Little Jass, I got your present alright!

This is no ordinary RUBBISH! It's gonna fail the security check .... and trigger the security alarm .... =.=” EMO ~ Why in my car ?? Just had interior cleaning boh ?? got flies somemore =.=" x 2 Luckily we have plastic bag Luckily I just bought air freshener Luckily the bag has no hole !! Otherwise I will  be lagi =.="" Litte Jass next time go toilet first ok ?? MORAL OF THE STORY: Get a car that comes with a toilet !!!! I guess it's a prosperous year  for me 黄金万两!

Colbie Caillat: I do

My tour guide shared this song with me just minutes ago and I love it! Awwww~!! Super cute! :D I Do It's always been about me, myself, and I *yaya...I agree* I thought relationships were nothing but a waste of time *hano hano...have resonance* I never wanted to be anybody's other half  *well, not me!* I was happy staying out of love, it wouldn't last *I wanted to but so afraid to love* That was the only way I knew 'til I met you *aww...can I sing this part again? :)* *Sing along!!* You make we wanna say I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do doo Yeah, I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do doo Cause every time before it's been like Maybe yes and maybe no I can live without it, I could let it go Ooh what did I get myself into? You make we wanna say I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do Tell me is it only me Do you feel the same? You know me well enough to know that I'm not playing games I promise I won't turn around and I won't let you down You can trust I'

Penang: the Food and Attractions (Part 2)

I forgot to mention 1 tour guide Akui, tailored an intensive 2-day tour for me.....with all the 'Must Eat' food and 'Must See' heritage! Hahaha, with that tight schedule, we ended up feeding ourself every 2 hours and most of the time I had 2-3 spoons of everything and the rest went into Akui's stomach... *wooo...I grew him into a DINOSAUR....ngek ngek ngek...:P* To even things out, we walked the whole day visiting the local attractions. ************* One of the must go place: Kek Lok Si Temple It's huge....but still... Akui and I decided to take the stairway up to the temple.... Somehow, under the scorching sun, it made every step so heavy and tiring. Even the cats I found here... *aiyo~ so cute!* they too.... needed a good nap after traveling up here. One of the moments that I enjoyed ..... Feeding the tortoise with the pricey kangkung! I even extended my service to one lazy tortoise that hawked on my kangkung while I feed the others.....

Penang: the Food and Attractions (Part 1)

Sorry Sorry little bloggie, I didn't abandon you ok?...just too busy with my life lately...hehe ********************* So 28th of February, a Monday, I landed in Penang with my tour guide, Akui ,welcoming me at the arrival hall. :) haha...thanks buddy! FACT: Akui and I went to the same school, joined Red Crescent Society, same class for 3 years and he sat next to me during the last year of high school. We have totally lost contact for a few years......Lol.....but that is how powerful facebook is.....just with the magic from the keyboard and whhaala.....we are talking again ..:) Funny thing was .....both of us resigned about the same time.....* no...we didn't pakat* he was free to be my tour guide.....yuuhuu~!! ************ Penang is a place full of good food, I have tried Penang Har Mee ( Prawn Noodle), Lo Mee, Char Kuey Tiaw (Fried Kuey Tiaw), O Jian, Ice just 2 days!!...sometime I am really amazed with the capacity of my stomach!