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Yay~! Internet is alive! *Super quick post* So, since my last entry about my panda genes. I have been quite sensitive to anything that is black and white in colour. Even walking past a piano reminds me of my panda genes. >.< The next day after the post, my mom made us all bird's nest soup and the subsequent day, ginseng chicken soup, hahahaha,  I wonder if my mom was reading my blog secretly. Over the one week, I have slowly accepted the fact that ageing is Natural and I choose to Embrace it. If I am starting to age, I wanna age gracefully. And Pa, although you gave me the genes, I still love you! Ok done! Now, here come the exciting part. Jeng jeng jeng! I am now in the middle of a secret project *wicked smile*. I have 3 weeks to tone up and I am earning myself the lines I have always wanted, the obliques! I am really working hard for that and I have decided to post my photo of my abs up in 3 weeks time. hahahaha, I am going to whack myself to work harder after this.

Panda genes

T_________________T Okay, this is going to be another emo post! Just finished my Jam class at Sesco. As usual, 'W' waited for me after class for some chit chatting. Unlike our previous conversation which we talked about things like sports bras and exercise; I was completely stunned by her sudden gaze............Feeling awkward, I thought she was gonna tell me I have discharge in my eyes. But nope that wasn't the case. She politely asked if.................. I have started on facial maintenance!  T__________________________T at that moment, I felt a sudden pain in my chest as if thousands of knives had just stabbed through it~ !!    T_________________________________T AGEING!!! I AM AGEINGGGGG ~ !!!!!!! *Emo + Weepy + State of Denial* That is a million times worse than telling me I got MakSai!!  It's my Panda genes! *Sob* I got it from my dad! And I swear I got do maintenance one lah (esp when Kenny is away)! See, I got Midnight recovery eye from Kiehl&

Behind the scene: Gangnam style Flash Mob (Kuching)

I don’t know about you, but when I first listen to this song, I was wondering why is this Korean song sing so much about Jiangnan,China? And the chinese translation of Gangnam literally spells 江南 (Jiangnan). With a quick google, it cracked my puzzle. Apparently, the chinese translation of Gangnam (江南) is misleading lah. You can read it all here . (So got it now? :)) Over the 2 months period, this Korean pop song has received 160 million clicks on youtube so far!! Gangnam style oh Gangnam style!! You swept across the continents like a storm and invaded everyone with your haunting chorus. Even who invades my car speakers are now invaded by YOU! Uncontrollably, making everyone move their feet and wanna go single-single-double, doing  the iconic horseback/ cowboy moves. But please ahh, don’t do it when you drive okay (Safety # 1 mah)! hehehehe. The Gangnam storm is still going strong and last week, it landed in Kuching! :D You probably have read the news. And thi

The King of Fruit!

You know how much your dad loves you when he rang you up during working hours, just to tell you, he bought one of your favourite fruit: DURIAN! Hahahaha, my cute PaPa, I guess that is how Dads in his era express love to their kids huh? J  Once I set my feet at home, he eagerly holds my hands and pulls me to the kitchen. I find it funny looking at his grin as he hold the durian closely to my nose, trying to lure me to having a few seeds with him. LOL. The problem is ……..I am heading to gym later leh. How to eat durian????  In the end, after his repeated invitation, I surrender myself to 2 small seeds of durian thinking that IT’S JUST 2 SMALL SEEDS!  Soonafter, I regretted.  Mints doesn’t withhold my secret after a single burp! OMG! Durian smell in the instructor room! LOL, I call this the 'gym incident' on Thursday. The next day was Malaysia’s 55 th Birthday (Happy Birthday Malaysia!)!  Kenny and I were supposed to have some ‘Us time’ after his dinner with a cl