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House Hunting: What to look for?

Hello. How's life? Mine's pretty busy. As you know, my iphone was stolen; On CNY eve my credit card kena swallowed. The bank machine was so damn hungry, no matter how hard I try, it just won't spit it out! GRRRRRRHH~ WHY YOU ATE MY CARD WHEN I KEY MY PIN CORRECTLY?? But thank goodness all these bad luck was before CNY cause me, being a Malaysian-Chinese, believe that new year is a new beginning. So please lah, no more hiccups! What I am up to recently is house hunting! In fact, I have been house hunting for the past few weeks. I think I am getting pro at this. So what I am gonna do in this post is to share my house hunting experience (and jokes!). ******************************************************************************************************* You know, few years back, when people still believe that Sarawakian lives on trees (thanks to tourism adv =.=") a property in Kuching could easily cost Rm 200k - Rm 350k. But now, with that amount, you can on

Joke of the Day # 5: Butthole

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Hope you are enjoying your CNY! Well, I am not celebrating it this year since my grandma passed away few months ago. So here I am updating my blog, just a short one, Joke of the Day # 5. Enjoy! :) :) ***************************************************************************** Kenny: *looking at my mobile phone pouch bag* What is that? Me: oh, nothing much, just my pouch bag. I am using it as a bait to 'fish' pickpockets. (cause that is exactly where I put my iphone before it got stolen) Kenny: har?? Then what is in it ler? Me: sanitary pad loh! Kenny: *still looking at my pouch bag* I don't think it's gonna work. It looks like butthole, you know? Me: Si meh?? EHhhhh~! So you mean you seen someone's butthole before ?? *turning into a paranoid gf* Kenny: Dogggsss LAH~ ~! Me: Ooooohhhh~ ~ *cheekily stick my index finger into his so called 'butthole' and make him smells it heheheh*


*击鼓鸣冤* Judge Bao! I have injustice to appeal!  My iphone got stolen! T.T On Tuesday (05.02.13),  My mom and I went to a pharmacy at Tabuan Plaza to buy supplements. At around 8.40pm, we left. On our way out, a few women came in and they were loud! One of them even bumped onto my mom without apologizing (now come to think about it, I think they failed their attempt on my mom and hawked on me instead). As soon as we walked out from there, a few more women were waiting outside and one of them is a oversize woman wearing a low cut top, exposing half her boobs! Around 8.50pm, mom and I went to a local supermarket. Mom was shopping for her stuff and I ended up at the accessories aisle looking at hair band. Not long after, 4 women join the aisle: Woman #1: slim +  young (late teens or early 20's), wearing a knee-length black dress (with polkadots) Woman # 2 : slim +  young again about 18-22 years of age. height around 165cm (slightly taller than me), dressed in long pan

Celebrating 28

Age 26. Age 27, exactly one year ago on my birthday :) :) Age 28, after perming my hair. I think I am transforming into a woman :) :)  *Birthday Eve* Got a bouquet of roses from my bf.  At first I thought got ring hiding somewhere in it, but didn't find any!   hahaha, no lah no lah, just joking lah~ He bought me flowers and celebrated my birthday with a cake and birthday song.  On my birthday morning, Mom gave me an Ang Pow before we went out for breakfast. She said this Ang Pow is her blessing for me, and she wishes me an auspicious year ahead.  Awww ~ my cute Mama. Thank you! :) :) The little girl on the Red Packet looks exactly like my niece! :D I called up my Dad in the Kopitiam and thanked him and mom for bringing me to this world! I told Kenny..... Me: My dad was so happy when I said that to him over the phone. He kept laughing and laughing. Like he wanted to say something to me but couldn't control his laughter.  *then pre