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ENOUGH OF TRAVELLING FOR  NOW !! I HAVE PLAYED HARD! IT IS TIME TO  WORK HARD !! !!! !!!! !!!! WUUuu ~ ~ :D :D  AirAsia having sale right now!! That is how much determination I have! >,< *Focus Ming Focus ~ ~!!* Nope, I didn't buy any, just staring at it NIA!  Veli well behave liao ~! Love this song, I guess I will have it playing in my head till my next oversea trip *bought it long long time ago* *She doesn't start singing till 1 min plus, be patient, you'll like it !! :)* Tiesto Feat Kay: Work Hard, Play Hard Can somebody cut me some slack I been workin damn hard Breakin’ my back Monday to Friday Running late nights Call me workaholic Cuz’ baby I am on it * I own this shit all week This beats for all my freaks Were running on to sleep So line the shots up Because this party’s jumpin’ We turn the volume up and Don’t stop till we get enough* *Repeat *

Awareness 21.07.12

Have you ever came across a day that everything just went WRONG?! That is my day today! I meet up Kenny for lunch prior to his flight to KL (Again!). I was shocked to see him at D.yak looking pale~ and sick! He wasn't feeling well the day before and it worsen today. He took a few spoon of the food and the next minute, he just can't take it in....he sat quietly in front of me and  asked to be excused from lunch to rest. I  nodded  my head. Straight away, he cushioned his forehead on his arm. Seeing him like this, I felt worried: Is he safe to take a flight to Kl alone? I voiced up my concerned but  he insisted to go. Watching helplessly, I frowned and brushed my hand on his head hoping that my hand could heal his nausea! .........At that moment, I felt like crying.....   'What can I do? How can I help? ..... ' I hate it when things are out of my control.  Kenny suddenly stood up, walked out from the glass door and disappeared to the corner out of my vision. It di

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2012

My 'Beh Zai Gia' mode was on when I  registered over the net  for the   Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2012    thinking 'A lmost everyone I know at LUF have done a marathon before! Kenny did it 6 times, Rose did it, Ryan did it and no one dies from it, it shouldn't be any hard.' Somemore, I was so determined to know why  Kenny did it over and over again without fail over the last 6 years!!! He said, he wants to feel the PAIN to feel ALIVE wor~!! *Really? There must be more~!* Without much thought, I submitted my details and decided to feel the thrill ~ ~*if any* of the run!   After I signed up, my *K*ing *K*oil pillow/ Kenny  told me about the history of Marathon was  to commemorate a Greek messenger who ran non-stop to Athens to spread the news of their victory in the battlefield before he collapse and die. ......O, so someone did died =.="" I was wrong!!   But it's too late, I have signed up and there is no turning back. He said that a Ma

Written on 28th June

I am sitting outside the boarding gate with my back hunch, trying to protect all the valuables in my bag (until I get my pay, these are the most precious things I have). My passport, my AUD, my USD, my Ringgit, my Rupee......hoho, I haven't have time to sort out my currency after returning from Sri Lanka. I have been traveling too much this month and I am starting to feel the pinch when my travel fund is drying up. 2 oversea trips in a month, yeah, that sounds a bit too much. Even my dad said 'You are living your life to the fullest'. Not sure what he means when he said that with a flat look and deep tone. Not even a bit of excitement seen pun! My dad must be thinking his youngest daughter is getting too playful and wondering why the rebelliousness in me kicked in 10 years later. Pa, I know what I am doing lah. I am just not content to live my life doing a 8 hours job, then go home exhausted and complain how my works sucks and repeat the SAME ROUTINE the next day. Wh