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Hello ~~! I can't believe it's almost 3 months since I last updated this space. I went for a 2 week long honeymoon in'll never guess it  but still I'll reveal it later hahaha..... and we did lots of crazy stuff together. When I say crazy, I do mean crazy, Well, at least for a non-adventurous person like me, it's like a year's worth of adventure squeezed into 2 weeks! When Kenny told me he's planning for our honeymoon and was asking me if I want beach or mountains, I said  I like mountains a little bit more than beaches! Then, I happily let him plan all the itineraries while I goyang kaki lol (since  I did most of the wedding planning, like this baru fair bah~). So where did we have our Honeymoon? No, we didn't go Maldives. No, not Paris. Not Greece. Not Switzerland either. In the end, we went..... Wait for it.... .... ... .... BHUTAN! and NEPAL (bonus)! Hahaha, I wasn't expecting Bhutan when I say 'I like