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The madness in me

Okay, I am racing my time against the unstable internet at home. So wanna Blog and gotta finish it before my  little net goes haywire again. It's about this guy that got the whole fitness industry a Danceee FEEEVEeerrr ~ ~  *excited* I am definitely having oNe~ !!! Started as early as 15 (well, according to my DVD that is) he is the man who devoted his life to dance~! He is the one who balances my life with Fun and Music and because of him, I met Kenny. *Awwww~ ~thank you* Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present you  the God of Body Jam! Program Director/Choreographer with Les Mills International, Mr Gandalf Archer (or Simply 'G')! Well, in case you have no idea what I am talking about:  Body Jam a 55 min cardio workout that combines hottest Music + latest Dance + FITNESS + FUN + Sweat. Or in short: It's a Partyyyyy, babyyy~!!) No smoke, no alcohol, simply healthy!! And  all these started with a photo. Kenny and G at LesMills quarterly workshop. And a provoking

Mars v.s. Venus (Part 1 con't)

2 days already, it's time for me to announce the winner of the battle!! *deng deng deng * -----> ME!! HOHOHO ~ ~, Kenny is gonna carry my hand~bag! He is gonna carry my hand~bag!! :D .......................................................................Nahh~...I lied. How I wish he is gonna carry it for me :( . After spending my first day emo-ing and going ' ahhh~!! WHY??..T.T....' it's time I accept the sad reality that most of Kenny's tweet followers are voting UNMANLY instead of Sweet. So here I am, officially declared that I have lost my stand over the debated topic with Kenny: Boyfriend carrying girlfriend's handbag walking around shopping mall:  SWEET or UNMANLY? We did a rough count. Kenny did the tweet reading part and I volunteered my hands for counting. Right hand, siding Kenny (voting unmanly); left hand, siding me (voting sweet!). In the end, we end up with 3 votes for me and 5 for him. HEHEHEHEHE.....he said I cheated but dear dear ahh, I

Mars and Venus (Part 1)

So the tweet question was: Boyfriend carrying girlfriend's handbag walking around shopping mall: Sweet or Unmanly?! Have your say. Some said their balls will shrink if they ever do it *deh ~* some said it's such a gay thing to do! I say, Come on lah, man pakai make up not gay meh?? And who cares if your balls shrunk, as long it's still functional!! Right? It's your gf, what is wrong with pampering her by helping her to carry it?  No credit cards were swiped, No harm was caused. so why not? How come the okay-ness (if this word for guys to carry shopping bags for girls doesn't apply on handbag. They are both bags leh! Besides, she's already tired from hours of shopping what's wrong with making her comfortable by lessening a bit more weight on her shoulders. I say it's not only Sweet, it's also MANLY! cause from the interpretation of BODY LANGUAGE, the act of carrying a handbag for your gf is a way to show your AFFECTION towards her.

Last Chapter of Life - (Part 7: for myself)

It has been 4 months since her sudden admission to hospital. Oral intake is poor! Handling liquid foods only! Weight drop drastically! Dentures not fitting anymore! Early satiety. Frequency of abdominal pain increase these few days. Muscles wasted! Fat store gone! All these put her on a SGA (Subjective Global Assessment) of C, which means SEVERELY MALNOURISHED. Every time I take care of her, I feel like I am back to Anatomy class. Watching her lying on the bed is like looking at a living skeleton! Nothing left, but skin wrap around bones. Her 'used to be' fitting clothes are 'super' oversize for her, dropping from weighing heavier than me to half of my weight. Mind you, my usual weight is 48 - 50kg, so there you go ~ you can work out the maths. With what I have just described above, it pretty much sums up her 1/3 of her life this year: GONE, LYING ON THE BED! As for me, I went through a period of being physically tired to a period of mentally tired. You c