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Finding the next pair of Bou Bui Shoes!

If you know me, I’m always in shorts and Tee. And I have this favourite pair of shoes (well, sandals lah) that I'll slip my feet in and walk around all day, even when I'm travelling! Caption goes.... Me and my *Bou Bui Sandals (*translation: my see my prints there, it already sunk in and can't be removed. That's how much I love my Bou Bui~~ LOL But with the new title my husband gave me, Mrs Sia can’t always be in shorts and Tee right?  Time to upgrade my wardrobe! (hehe) Which I did! (hehehe) And I'm ready to dress and impress! One Problem though! They don't match with my Bou Bui sandals leh!!!  A serious mismatch! *Peninggg Kepalaaa* T.T HOW? I turned to google for solution *searched shoes malaysia* BOOMMMMmmmm! Google said, ...... ....... ........ ....... ....... I need new shoes ! (Ai~

Joke of the Day #30: Kok Kok Kay

*shopping with mom in prep of Chinese Custom wedding* Me: Oh mama~!! ^^ Kenny and I are wondering, can we get a cuter kok kok kay instead of the metal one on our wedding? Mom: What do you mean? Me:   We saw these kok kok kay on the internet, they are sooooo cuteeee! Let me show you! Me:    *take phone out* Neh~~ you see ahh....this one quite cute! Got polka dots on hahahhahaha ( thinking: hahahaha like they got chickenpox  of course I didn't say it out lah~~~) Me:    And this one got stripes on! hahahhaahaha ( thinking: Like they came from jail!lolol )  Me:    This one also very cute like marshmallows!  Me:    and this is my favourite and it's for wedding too! See~ soooo cute!!!     Me:    Ma, can we replace the metal kok kok kay..... Mom:    *Stares* Me:  *gulps* Oh.....we'll stick with the metal kok kok kay then...... Mission fail. View Joke of the Day #29: Beyonce Chicken  

Wedding 101: Don't know what to prep for Chinese Custom Wedding? Read this! ^^

*continuing from Wedding Planning RECIPE * Hi girls,  In the end, I had no time to blog yesterday. T___T Sorry lah ~ ~ ~ I over estimated my ability. I think I am like Octopus mah, can do a lot of things one go! Mana-tau, this doesn't apply to house cleaning. T____T my poor hands.  Anyway, that aside, let's get back to business.  hehe ~ So, this post was supposed to be about ROM, but then I decide that since I recently just did my shopping in prep of my Chinese Custom Wedding, I'll do this post first! But first! A quick poll! Hands up if you are getting married soon and are clueless with the things you need for your Chinese Custom Wedding? Okay. That's a lot of you. Hands up if you think never mind my mom/mil will prep the stuff cos they know what is needed, plus, they don't need me anyway? Okay, hands down pls. Surprise, surprise! If that is what you think, be prepared to get nag by your Ma and second time from your MIL

Wedding planning RECIPE

Hi peeps!  Sorry, I've not been updating my blog over the last 3 weeks. And this is just a short post as  I need to rush off to do some housekeeping. But I've spared some time tonight to blog on Wedding 101!  Man, as my wedding draw closer, parents from both sides become so GanCheong ki~~~~!  If you ask me for a Wedding Planning RECIPE, this is what it looks like: 10% on researching for ideas!  10% on pulling the ideas together and making it happen! 80% on assuring our parents that things are going to be okay! (Who is on the same boat? hands up pls! T__T) And be prepared, they ask the same thing again and again and again and again and again and again until.....I beh tahan and wanted to vent it out on my blog!!!! But I have to hold it back cause they are my parents! T________T Ai~~~ Seriously, I think they are over-reacting! T@@T   <--big big--="" lol="" nostrils=""> Anyone's parents also over-reacting? Share your st