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Last Chapter of Life (Part 6: Spirits)

Sometimes, I just don't want to stay at home, don't want to be with her. I know it sounds negative, but at least I am true and honest to myself. I tried spending time with her, but she is a total stranger to me. In that familiar figure of hers (with two sizes down), trapped a soul that doesn't belong to this world anymore. Her behavior these two months prove one thing to me - the Existence of Spirits. She sees them everyday. I freaked out initially when she scares me with what she sees (but I don't). But as time past, I am vaccinated with a bit of knowledge about 'Life and Karma'  and I developed immunity towards her abnormal behaviors. So today, I am gonna flip my memory back to that fearful night............... I was sleeping on her bed for the ease of taking care of her at night (she was sleeping on her rented ripple mattress). She woke me up in the middle of the night, asking me about the girl who slept on my bed.....without much thought,  I turned on


Hi bloggie!! Mommy miss you ~! *sayang sayang~* many things to tell you....Hmm...where should I start? Okay, been back from Sri Lanka for 10 days (why can't it be longer!!). It was an adventurous trip rather than a romantic one. The attractions are scattered all over the island and it took at least 3 hours to travel from one spot to another. Cause you know why?? 1) lots of the roads are bumpy + single lane, and worse!! a massive turn every 5 second (at the countryside) . Then hor, mommy start to vomit again >.<" (carsick lah, what are you thinking?) 2) Tuk tuk are expensive (Visitors pay 2-5 times more than locals as if we were their ATM =.=") 3) Train has a speed limit of 15km/hour (It's SLOW, but because of that Kenny and I can stick our head out from the window for some fresh Sri Lanka air and a better view of the landscape. Honestly speaking, the train ride is the most enjoyable one!) Tell you more about it, in the future k? Now, if you re