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My little diary: 17th - 20th June 2013

MONDAY 17.06.13 I am having Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). It must be from GRIT. The soreness is comparable to the soreness I had after running 42km marathon.  My abs are sore, my shoulders are stiff, my legs are protesting! T.T I feel like an old grandma #oldage And guess what else happen today? My 7 and 10 y.o niece added me on FB! WHaT?!! Nooooo~ !! *ignores* TUESDAY 18.06.13 It’s Tuesday again, meaning it's my workout day! But before that I almost got hit by an car!! I was making a right turn in front of Tabuan Plaza and the Idiot was overtaking the cars in front and was driving at my lane at a fast speed! It happened so fast and my car was squeaking when I hit the break. WHAT An IDIOT!! DRIVE like That!! I was like Fuccckkkkk YOUUUUU!!! PUTTING PPL LIFE AT RISK AND ALL YOU CARE IS YOURSELF!!! I GOT 4 KIDS AND A PREGGIE AND I AM NOT EVEN MARRIED YET!! I DON'T WANT TO DIE UNMARRIED! 差一点就见不到我的Dear Dear 了! And

My little diary: 14th - 16th June 2013

FRIDAY 14.06.13 Third day of relaunch and we have 2 Guest instructors in the House babeh~!! This is PK from Thailand who is a Body Combat Trainer/Presenter. It's such an honour to have him in the house! Every single kick, every single jab, every single punch is full of power. And the way he coaches the class, man, I feel like a fighter! And I mean real fighter, not Aud and Tim's fighter. ;) Lean and Tone - That PK.  This is Reagan from Penang who is a Body Pump and GRIT Trainer/Presenter. This man is like a machine! He just keep going and going without the need to rest (make me like a looser nia). Hmmm, correction, this man is a good looking machine! I lost count of the number of girls that fainted that day. Haha! Reagan is too charming. Hahahahaha That is one hungry bunch of girls! Stop drooling girls! LOL I think if I collect all their saliva right, I would have enough to fill up a swimming pool hahahahahaha!! That's it! Body combat clas

My little diary: 11th - 13th June 2013

TUESDAY 11.06.13 NOT GOOD! Our parcel has yet to be found! After our discussion, we put together our Plan B - PowerPuff Girls!!! We need to find the outfit - most probably colour singlets with shorts and match it with the make up below and tadaaa~ ~ ~ DONE! Photo from internet If only things were that easy.... T.T.....our last minute outfit hunting at Plaza Merdeka wasn't fruitful. Sie lohhhh~~ !!!  How to relauch liddat? And, and, and, remember the Freebra I bought from Groupon for Rm 45? I saw the exact same thing at Plaza Merdeka!!! For RM 39.90!!!! DAMN IT!! I PAID EXTRA!! T____________________________T WEDNESDAY 12.06.13 First day of Relaunch!! We got Body Attack and Body Balance in the house! I sneakily snapped this outside of Main Studio when Body Attackers are doing their superhero workout!!! Hehe, Cool huh!  Sailormoon is here too!  Oh ya, I forgot to mention, we finally got the parcel like 3 hours ago. So from Sailor Moon to Power

Joke of the Day # 12: Marry me!

This is the cutest scene ever!!! I got home in my Sailor Mars Outfit after our Body Jam -Superhero Theme relaunch! And my 5 y.o niece greeted me at the door...... p/s: got to write it with a mix of chinese and english, that is how we talk at home ;) Celeste: *running to the door* Me: Hi Celeste! 可以帮小姑姑开门吗? Celeste : *excited* Wahhhhh!!! 小姑姑你好美好美啊~~~~!!!! Me: awwww~~~~~ thank you Celeste!! Celeste: *super excited* 你真的好美好美啊!!!!! *happily jumping around* Celeste:   ~~~ 好美~~ ~~~~~~好美~~~!!!!! *orbiting on the spot* Me: hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Celeste:  *out of a sudden* 小~姑~姑~~~~!你很美啊!!!!!!!!! 我要Marry你~~~~~~!!! Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This silly silly girl!! LOL. Cute Max! View Joke of the Day # 9 - 11: Fun-Filled Kate Party Night !

My little diary: 6th -10th June

*Will update my Taiwan trip dated 30.05.13 - 05.06.13 once I got all my photos :)* THURSDAY 06.06.13 First day of work after Gawai Holiday.  It felt like a super long day.....=_________= I reached home and saw this. Awwww~ love birds! :) That's beautiful. FRIDAY 07.06.13 Attended Kate Make-up Party and yes, it is fun-filled indeed. Full post here . For Jokes click here (HAHAHAHAHA!) SATURDAY 08.06.13 Mom and Dad were back from Japan with 3 boxes of food! *Jaw drops*  Papa's Kiasu level has reached a new peak! With that amount of food, it can last us till next year! o.O" MOM WASN'T HAPPY!!! Of course lah, she tried to stop him from buying that much and he did the total opposite and bought more! And now fridge #1-#5 were all full of stuff Papa bought and yet he asked my mom why she has stocked that much of food?    Tsk Tsk Tsk Tsk! This is another Men are from Mars and Women from Venus scenario. Th

Behind the scene: Level Up Fitness - Superhero Theme!

It’s a bird…… It’s a plane…… It’s supergirl!!! (cause superman still looking for his red undies mah~ LOL) It has been a while since we have a themed class. So when Kenny brought up the idea of superhero theme for our relaunch. I like it immediately! Hahahaha you should see the faces of the instructors. There was a 3-second delay followed by the jaw dropping stunt! LOL Man, this is definitely the BIGGEST RELAUNCH EVER! *excited*  We are all in for the deal !!! *jeng jeng jeng* With a few emails back and forth across the GX, we were pretty much set for our characters! We have Cat Woman, Spider Man, Wolverine, Female Thor, etc. And Us, Jammers are in for Sailor Moon! *Moon ~ ~ ~Crys~tal~ Powerrrrr!!!* Photo from Internet It took 1-2 weeks for most of the costumes to arrive. Like what I said ‘Most’!  Unfortunately Jammers and Combaters’ costumes were stuck in KL for unknown reason!! We called only to find out that they somehow lost the parcel in th