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Joke of the Day #21: The Hunger Games

Cuddling at home after watching The Hunger Games Me: Dear Dear ahh, I feel like # 3 boh! (Code: FART)  *Immediately he springs 2 meters away from me* Kenny: Let-It-Out baby! * Reveling in his imagination, he pokes his finger into the gas* Kenny:  *shriek* Run!! Run ~ Baby!!!! The gas is poisonous!!! *Watching him running around and acting in pain -  HAHAHAHAH!!! This silly dear dear ahh so entertaining ahh!!!* Me:  *LOL* Not yet dear, the lightning haven't stuck! I'd hold it! Kenny:  p/s: You'll only get the joke if you watched The Hunger Games! LOL! View Joke of the Day #20: Pet lah!

Joke of the Day #20: Pet lah!

Me:    Dear Dear~ ~!! My hotmail got hacked! I lost everything in my email!  Kenny: Awwww~ anything important? Me:  GOT~~~!! The letters we wrote for each other and All the wedding prep stuff GONE!!!!   I-am-so-upset!  ***************************************************************** My emotion chart:      v.s.   (heck, don't mess with bride-to-be) ***************************************************************** Kenny:  Try resetting your password? Me:  I tried that dy! It'll ask me to answer a security question which I forgot what is the answer! (Genius lah Ming!) I set it up so lonnnngggg ago, I don't even know what I keyed in!  Kenny:  Ooh! What is the security question? Me:  What is my favourite pet's name? Kenny:     Pet or pet? Me:  Har? Got difference meh???!! Me:  OHhhh~~~~~~!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! P-E-T lah! Not P-A-D!  (If you really want to know... this is my favourite pad) 

Wedding 101: Bridal Studios in Kuching

*continuing from Wedding 101: Wedding Planners (Kuching/Sibu) * I came home. Dad greeted  'Where have you been?' 'Bridal Studio Hunting' I said. 'HARRR?!'  he exclaimed 'You surveyed all the Kuching Bridal Studios liao har?!'   Oh my cute Papa! Of course NOT!!!  I laughed for a moment and a thought stroke in.  Hang on, dad has his point too, I don't have to spend almost every weekend being physically in one of the Bridal studios ehh!  There must be a more efficient/ convenient way~  Then,  *wink* I got an idea! TIP #1:   W hy not survey them online (Fb, website)! It'll save a lot of time and you can still narrow down the list! Read their REVIEWS . Check out their photos for their PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS . Message them if you wish! This will save you a lot of time (and petrol too)! TIP #2:  Well, in case you are clueless about the Bridal Studios available in Kuching, I've compiled the lis