My little diary: 27th Apr - 1st May 2013

Saturday 27.04.13

Haven't seen bf for 2 and a half days! I went Sibu and he went KL, now I am back in Kuching but he is not. I miss him sooooo much!

Onion Head Smiley

Luckily, we have BJ demo in conjuction of Miss Fitness happening at Plaza Merdeka that night, so I can shift my focus.

I didn't stay throughout the whole pageant. Not sure how the winner charmed the crowd. But I guess like any beauty pageant, they look at their brains, their heart *checking* and their looks. Got to say, make up does all the magic. They looked so different from one week ago when I watched them do the rehearsal. 

After we finished our 23 mins of demo, I went shopping for handbag.

Almost bought this from CarloRino.

I love bags with big opening, nice compartments, light-weight and nice design. This one fits the criteria  But...But....I found a defect on it......!!.....


Me:  buy or not to buy? buy or not to buy? 

Devil: Buy buy buy! It's so hard to find something you like. 

Angel: Don't buy don't buy! what's the point of paying that much for a defect?

Me: How? *still fighting*
In the end I decided not to buy it.

T.T tough decision but hopefully right decision. 

It's like you have just fall in love and you have to end the relationship straight away T.T Why so hard to find a bag??!!! *emo*

Sunday 29.04.13

Program of the day: Exercise - Exibition - Movie

Went to Perfect Livin 2013, Home and Lifestyle exhibition at BCCK to hunt for the things we need for our future nest. *churp churp churp*

To my surprise, it's pretty organize and I think that is the most successful exhibition held in Kuching so far. From furniture to bed to wallpaper to household items, they are all available here at promo price.

I normally just look around to see what is available before asking bf for his credit card. Hahahahahaha. No lah. joking nia. I normally survey and compare before buying anything, cause I have Sii Lai potential mah. Must make sure it's the best bargain/value.

While I surveyed for the things we needed for our nest, my workaholic dear dear were looking at things for Level Up Fitness. Dear LUF members, you are really lucky. Where to find a gym owner like this? So lucky lah you~!

We watched Ironman 3 that night. Isn't he cute?
Photo from internet
My friend said the message she got from watching IronMan 3:

Monday 30.04.13

Got a fortune cookie sitting on my table. Is this a gift from the Mandarin from Iron Man 3?

Let's hope whatever it says remains valid (all my life). 

That night, bf and I went to have late dinner and we pass by Jln Song Flyover. We were stuck there for at least 15 mins cause that area was packed with illegal parked cars. Citizens were gathering there for the ceremah from Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

Even though we were inside the car, we can feel the vibe from the crowd. They were so responsive and supportive of PR!

Bf wind down his car window in an attempt to listen to the speech while in the jam. Then I realized, the car next to us, the car in front, the car that past by ours, all had their car window down, doing the same thing! How amazing is that? That absolutely feel great! That is the feeling of hope, the eagerness for a better government and brighter future. 

I really hope this election will make Malaysia stronger and better. Cause in 5 years time, I will be a mom and I want the best for my kids. Gotta vote wisely.

Tuesday 31.04.13

Holiday mood strike in one day earlier. Super lazy. Skipped gym as well.

All I did was reading FB status until bf left work!

And I found this:

Photo taken from facebook
 That is exactly like me and Kenny!

Meow~ more siok siok pls!

Wednesday 01.05.13

*chest circles* Holiday! Holiday! Today is Public Holiday! Which means, I can wake up late and have bf at 12 and chill the whole day, cause no Body Jam class at Sesco too :) 

After half a day of me time, I came home and saw a new family member. Say hi to Pruney!

This is how Princey and Pruney reacted when we put them together:

Princey: Onion Head Smiley

Pruney: Onion Head Smiley

The poor thing have no idea what is going on, keep biting on the cage wanting to free itself. Awww~ .But Princey is very happy with his new companion that it can't help to check Pruney's butt. And know.....

Onion Head Smiley

Make me paiseh nia. 

Hey Princey, Pruney is a boy, don't gao gao zhan. 

What to do? Princey grow up not seeing a female hamster. I think we indirectly made Princey a Gay. =.= 

Well, at least he is happy.


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