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Joke of the Day #37: Naming #PoppyseedSia! :)

Pretty soon, we'll know Poppy Seed's gender, and the search for a name will soon begins. I thought only Kenny and I would be excited, but these two girls, Keira (9 y.o) and Celeste (7 y.o) were even more excited!! Keira : Xiao GuGu (Aunty), have you got a name for Poppy Seed yet? Me : Not yet, we don't know baby's gender. Keira : Oh. I am thinking, if it's baby girl, let's call her 'Poppy'! *excited* Celeste : *puts hand up* I know I know~~ !! I have a good name for her ~~~!! We can name her 'Pelican'! *excited* Me : HAR?!!! *face becomes distorted instantly* Oh Leste! You know what is Pelican or not? Celeste : ummm....I forgot! But I heard of it somewhere. It sounds so~~~ nice! *naively* *alamak 梦梦就是梦梦,做梦第一名* Me : Pelican is a kind of bird lah~~~! I don't want to name Poppy Seed that~ ~ !  We are thinking something starting with 'K'! Keira : Har?!! Pls don't name her 'Keira'! I'll be very confused!

Hello #PoppyseedSia!

I know it has been a while, but I have to keep the secret ‘a SECRET’ until the time is right. There is nothing else I want to document apart from this exciting new chapter of mine and every time I log onto my little space, I just feel like sharing my joy with you all. And here is the news: Kenny-and-I-are-EXPECTING! *tonnes of yays* (I cry breaking this news, so excited!) I didn't expect a pregnancy initially. Cos every time I think of pregnancy, I have this story my biology teacher told me, playing over and over again in my head.  She said: For a sperm to fertilize an egg, it’s a long and rough journey, and most of them didn’t make it through. And for those that did, if they make a wrong turn, then BAD LUCK! The Egg can only live for one day and is waiting at the other side! ( See! We'll need a lot of luck to get pregnant!!!) So, when my period didn’t report on the day it should,  I just thought it was late. ( and partly also because I don’t want my baby to be born