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Olly Murs: Dance with Me Tonight

I was sitting in a car when I first listened to this song. I love it! And my shoulder just lifted up automatically following the rhythm, alternating between my right and left shoulder as if they are out of control. My nieces sitting behind, Belle, Jasmine, Keira, Celeste copied my moves. HAHAHAHA!! such a wonderful time having fun with the kids through music :) Until, we found out that the uncle driving a truck next to us, looked at us in amazement! HAHAHA!!...he must be thinking, sia za bo = crazy girls!! :P Come on, click it and do the 'shoulder thing'.... :) You will feel so good after that *Wink* Anyone watching you? :D hehehe

Bali: Nusa Lembongan con't

*Continuing from Bali: Nusa Lembongan * Feeling extremely exhausted after one day of adventure, we went back to Villa Cliff Lembongan straight after our dinner. My bed was calling me and I just doze off liddat. z...z...z...z...z~! *The next day* :) One of my happiest time of the day! BREAKKIE!  I had local Mee Goreng (Fried noodle) and Kenny had Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) Didn't expect the presentation for Fried Rice can be this good, it opened up my appetite. ^^ ^^ Breakfast checked! *happy dy* Okay, I am good to go! :) Everytime I looked at this photo, I feel like playing the James Bond theme music and doing the gunbarrel!  hehehe...:P...Where am I? ....Oh ya, I was saying we met up with the rest of the team at Big Fish Diving (10-15 mins ride). Our plan today is snorkelling for me and diving for Kenny. :) I was so so so EXCITED!!! My first time snorkelling leh! I don't really know what to expect except that I will be seeing a lot of fish. I was given 2 things: a) Mask, th

Bali: Nusa Lembongan

hehe...trying to clear my debt here. Am having very short memory span as I aged, so better write it down before I forget. *Continuing from Bali: Jimbaran * So right after we left Uluwatu, we headed to Jimbaran bay for fresh seafood dinner.Sorry~! I think we were too hungry, that explain why this is the only photo I have!  It's jagung!!! (= corn!!!!!) but I am too full to have it! *burpppp~*     How can I left without marking 'MLK' right? Can you guess what it means? ********************************************** THE NEXT DAY..... We started our day with NEARLY 'missing' our breakfast! Breakfast served till 10am but that is exactly the time we woke up =.="". HOLIDAY mah....+ MASSAGE course yesterday mah + TIRED mah....*finding all the excuses* ......:)... I can't function without breakfast. We were so glad that Villla Balquisse being Villa Balquisse they are kind enough to make crepes for us. *Thank you :D* I am saved! It

A day as a WV volunteer

I don't know if you have been to Sapa, Vietnam but ever since I travelled there. It make me wonder 'if every single child is an angel, how come the angels have different fate! When our angels are playing with their 'toy car'........ There are other angels who grow up without it...... When our angles are thinking about which princess's clothes and heels to put on today.....  There are angels who just hope their grow slower so their clothes can last them longer.... When our angels are addicted to ipads and iphones...... The only ipad they got is this.... When our angles childhood is filled with heaps of toys.... (seriously, kids now have heaps more toys than my era...!!) There are angels who can only play with the mud.... When the world is crazy about Angry bird...... The only red bird my sponsor child, Mo,  knows is this....... A chick in her village. There is such a huge discrepancy between these kids. Every child is precious, why do they deserve less t