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Bangkok: Be like a Thai (Part 3)

Morning~!!! I feel so recharged after my course...great to pump up my energy level before I start my new job.....which also means...I better finish writing my travel log ... Now, the highlights of SATURDAY are Chatuchak Market ( TIP # 17: check out the last Bangkok: Shop Eat Talk entry to see how to get there with public transport) .. and Lebua Sky bar :) That is what I hunt for first thing in the morning~!! Coffee~!!...One of the 5 things that I love in my life!...hehe I just love what I see....the TOYS~!!...I can spend whole day standing there and watched them make! Well, we had food of course, local food. haha...that is my model: Baba...pointing at her Curry Mee Sua (35 baht)....see those bowls on the left...there are lots of veg that you can add on to your know la...usually constipation comes along with must take enough water and smooth things out mah~! :P See see pants are on the floor~!!! hehe...time

A photo to share :)

I am in the middle of a course called Core Value (CV 4)....a journey for me to know myself better, and to be more aware of my energy and BE the best that I can be with AWARENESS. Guess what?? .......It's such a small world, can't believe that I am in the same class with Baba's husband, and with Shien *who accidentally bumped into my blog* ' s brother. Well, today I am not going to write about my Bangkok-Penang trip  *hahaha...Akui, you will have to wait, lol, but I will definitedly write about it, must thanked my PEN tour guide mah....diok boh??* ....I needed the time for me to CONNECT and GROW during these few days to recharge before I moved onto my new Chapter of life!...:) Just want to share this photo with you... Really melt my heart la~!! :) Hope you too are happy like her :) and yes, you can; with the Power of CHOICE! 

Bangkok: Be like A Thai (Part 2)

It has been one week, and I am still coughing! -.-"....but I better keep my travel memories alive before I lost it. so there you go ~ the part 2 of Bangkok! :) **************** The story continued with: Both Baba and I forgot one important thing!! ... ... The ADAPTER!! AI~ I told my need la...* since I remembered last time I brought it but never use it also* ......but....I REGRETTED that decision!! we headed to MBK to get it and had our brunch there.  TIP # 15: collect your free drinks at The fifth Avenue @ MBK (for Tourist ONLY). FRIDAY is all about visiting the local attractions! We took BTS (from National Stadium to Saphan Taksin) then hopped onto the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (get off at Maharaj Pier) to visit the Grand Palace. :) We were charged 150 baht for a daily River Pass at the counter, but I reckon it would be a lot more cheaper if we just paid a single trip ticket on the boat. AIYA~!! too late...I keep telling myself : ok least they gave

Cute Question :)

小瓜瓜:小姑姑 ~ ! 什么东西' kok' 'kok' 两下就死掉了?? The kids: Aunty!!.....What would die if you bang it twice *with the sound effect ' Kok' ‘Kok'* ?? 小姑姑:ermm......我也不知道耶 ~!! The Aunt: ermm.......I don't know wor ~!! 小瓜瓜:ne ~....Kok Kok...'die' lo!! ...... 小姑姑:....HAHAHAHAH...哦~ 原来是 CROCODILE!! ...... * I am pretty sure you can understand this without me translating right??* ***************  HAHAHAHAHA~ ~!!!...that was me and my little nieces..... :D nowadays....CUTE LA!! :) p/s: will write about my part 2 of Bangkok trip once I recovered......AHKCHEEE x N times already today!!

Bangkok: Be like A Thai (Part 1)

Last Novermber, I went Bangkok with 3 girls and we fall in love with this place. 3 months later, I returned to Bangkok to earn new experience; this time, I find Bangkok EVEN more ATTRACTIVE! :) ************* Theme: Be like a Thai ;) Duration: 6 days 5 nights ( at Lub.d and Baiyoke Boutique Hotel) With: Baba Where to: Muai Thai - MBK - The Platinum Mall - Calypso Cabaret (Asia Hotel) - The Grand Palace - the Emerald Buddha - Chaktuchak market - Lebua sky bar - Les Mills workshop - Chinatown - Foot reflexology - Pratunam Market. ************* I went to Bangkok a day earlier AGAIN. Lucky me, once I reached National stadium (via train), I got free Muai Thai show to watch. Did you see that??? TIP # 11: Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. Thai Boxing @ MBK :) ...somemore... FOC= Free Of Charge....I am always happy to see the 'FREE' word...haha... Otherwise, can go to Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium. But that, you have to $$. I wished I could stay longer to watch the fight but

'Dead' Cat

I saw a really cute cat this morning at Kek Lok Temple...:D... she looked like she had a tough day and start to knock her head on the floor hor??.... but.. ..WRONG!! she is probably dreaming about ....LOTS and LOTS of fish.....or a fish buffet or something...!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH matter how the tourists patted her or moved her... .......she was really 'DEAD'.......!! I think she will be the new attaction in Kek Lok Temple...soon... HAHAHAHAHA okay....shall share about my Bangkok-Penang birthday holidays soon...yay~!! :)