My little diary: 2rd - 4th May 2013

Thursday 02.05.13

Tomorrow is Mom's birthday. Sis and I were persuading dad to buy mom a stalk of rose as a little sweet birthday present.  Good idea right? I think mom will be very happy loh. Who on earth doesn't like rose(s)? You tell me lah, you tell me lah! 

After our long conversation in attempt to get dad to buy the rose, sis asked:

Sis: Have to decided how many roses to buy?
Dad: .......*thinking to himself*......eigh
Sis: why eight? Got meaning behind?
Dad: Egg! Zero!
Sis: *almost pengsan*...

Oh my Papa, aihhhh~ so not romantic wan!!! But cannot put the blame on him also, cause his brought up is very conservative.   

Time to change Papa! It's ok to show your feelings and tell mom you love her.

And I know exactly what to do! hehehehe

Friday 03.05.13

Before I head off to gym, Belle hugged mom and wished her a very happy birthday.

Then the girls started singing birthday song. :)

Our Heng Hua girls are loud (make that super loud, especially when Jasmine, the pure Heng Hua is in it o.O) and when they sing birthday song, they have to do it in all 3 languages, English, Chinese and Malay.

Attracted by the happy energy, baby junior came in. Hahaha he is so cute! He was supposed to take shower but he decided to join us at the living room with his stumbling baby steps.

Photo of the girls taking advantages of him.

Belle was so funny, she went and took a leaf for Junior to cover his private part. 

Now 弟弟looks like Adam!

While I was working out at Level Up

Dad finally gave mom the rose!

FYI, it's pink! hehehehe I pre-order it for Dad! Oh well Papa! You got to learn to show your affection from someone, somehow! hehehehe.

So proud of you Papa. It's a breakthrough for you!
See, mom's happy, you're happy. Now, you have more reasons to do it often right?

Onion Head Smiley

Saturday 04.05.13

4th of May is a sentimental day for Kenny.

8 years ago, his dad passed away. To commemorate the departure of his dad, Kenny will write a letter to him every year, without fail. He is such a filial son and a person with such value is a material for a loving father. Don't worry dear, I know you will be a good husband and good father just like your dad. You are my soulmate. I love you!

I went to Buddhist temple to pay my respect to uncle. Please watch over him, Uncle.

That night, my family celebrated mom's birthday + mothers' day cause Da Jie flew in from KK to vote, so all 5 children were here with mom. Kenny normally gets an invitation but I thought not today, cause it's inappropriate - I am celebrating, he is mourning.

Of course my family understands and he was excused.

Part of me feel sad for Kenny's lost and Part of me feel happy looking at my Mama's innocent smile. :)

Oh my cute Mama!

I think the greatest gift for her.....

Is our presence :) :)
We love you mom :) :) :) :) :)!!

*Super-like this family photo! *


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