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Blah it out!

When I am mad, I can finish  an entry within 10 minutes regardless of it's length. With emotions filling in, action potentials are firing UNCONTROLABLY! You know what happens when 2 ladies with PMS disagree with one another?? CAT FLIGHT happens! and that is the time they transform from ladies to woMEN. Trust me on this, when woMEN fight, we fight with our mouth. If the person couldn't hear you, you show her your sign language...the international one...well...not that I have done it before....but maybe one day when I lost my temper completely! If the person is not standing next you to for the fight, you phone them. If you want a more advance level, you email them. Why? Cause they can re-read it every year like an aniversary. And that was what I did, fighting over emails. You know what? I have seen nerds/weirdos before and I am fine with them, but what I really betahan (couldn't bear with) are people who are So..So...So...So..damn Calculative!! I want to say LOUD

The girl promoter

My mom and I went shopping in one of our local shopping complex few days ago and I was searching high and low for a handbag to replace my torn bag.... I like bags with simple design, light and have lots of compartments...and I did found one.... Me: how much is this? Girl: It's RM 200 ++... Me: har? Girl: *repeat* It's Rm 200 ++ Me: WHAT??!!! Rm 200 ++ Girl: it's from Korea ... Me: * can a brandless bag be RM 200++....*.........*Total Shock!* Then the girl start to introduce their bag to a wrong way.....!!! Girl: bags on this shelf starts at RM 200++...that shelf RM 300++ I lost my interest on the bags as soon as she said that to me *putting bag back to shelf and wave bye bye ~*.......I seriously think it's overpriced and not worth it! I asked... Me: Has anyone bought any bags from you? Girl: *trying to impress *...YES!!...the most expensive one I have ever sold is Rm 700++..... **********************

Bali: Jimbaran

Ever since my Trip themed: Shop Eat Talk with my girls to Bangkok last year, traveling has been a part of my life.... :) My travel bugs have been itching all over this year, in the end, I used up all my annual leave for next year  dy ~ ~ =.=" Create your own travel map - TravBuddy ...and I still have 94% to go... :) Speaking of the places I love, Bali is definitely in it. The vibe..the culture...the attractions....the food!!...Everything about it is so special, even Balinese!! They always make you feel like you are home (except that there is no curfew), and that was exactly how we were greeted when we touched down. We stayed at Villa Balquisse at Jimbaran the first night and I stole a few sips of his Bintang beer. hehe.... Yay ~ ~!!...HO...LI....D....................z...z..z.......Z....Z..ZZZ!! Ya..that is what happened to me when I drink beer, I will go flat like a used battery but fully recharged the next morning. :) To Sekar Jagat!!! Doing this....