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Amazing race to KLIA 2

Feeling so guilty. Sweat rolled down my body. Legs were sore from running all the way to the boarding gate (somemore it's located at the very end). Running with 2 luggage made my legs heavy, it felt like I was running with two 5kg plates tied on each leg.  To make it worse, I wasn't sure which gate I'm supposed to head to, but I think i saw 'J11' when I last glimpsed at the screen for Check-in Row. Run Ming! Run!!! My eyes were locked at J11, and my head was echoeing' Run faster Ming! FASTER~~~!!!!' I've probably knocked someone passing by, rolled my luggage on someone's legs.  Sorry lah! I can't fly bah~~! Announcement came on, calling for passengers boarding to Kuching, to head to L11.  'WHAT?!!!' 'L11?!!' But...But... I ran half way dy!!!  I paused and waited for the second announcement...... Damn it!!! She said L11. TWICE! 'Where the heck is L11?' I said it aloud, turned myself

Joke of the Day #27: So this is Married life!

*At Korean Restaurant for BBQ wrap, my hubby happily picked up the lettuce....* Kenny : *Drools*  Me: WAIT!!! Have you washed your hands? Kenny  *hesitated*....Yes!  Me:  So that is what married life is about har? 结婚后就会讲谎话! Kenny       Me: 这个dear dear ahh! 拿你没办法!-______- View Joke of the Day #26: Ming v.s. Oh-Oh King

Joke of the Day #26: Ming v.s Oh-Oh King

*Rushing out for lunch* Me: Aiyo, dear! When we come back we have to help mom with the dishes! Didn’t manage to wash it just now! Kenny: Oh! Me:  Dear Dear ahh, would you help me with the dishes when we move into our nest? Kenny:   No! Me:  HARRRR???!!! Kenny: *proud*  Got dishwasher liao mah! Me:  Cheh~~ we still have to rinse the plate clean before putting it in leh! Kenny:   Oh! Me: And after each wash we have to clean the filter boh! Kenny:   Oh! Me:   If not ah, it’ll get block! Kenny:  Oh! Me:  Are you listening? Kenny:   Oh! *And he continues ‘oh-ing’ every 3 seconds! Tsk tsk Tsk!!! This dear dear ahh!! -_____-lll*  Me:  *王牌*…..Dear dear don’t love me anymore is it? *p/s: must pair this with a Max Duck Pout! hehehe* Kenny:   Awwwww~ ~ of course not! Sayang~~~ Sayang~~~ Me:   要流眼泪 liao! Kenny:   HAHAHAHAHA!!!! 跟你玩嘛 ! Awww~~~ my baby! *ruffles hair* Hehehe Ming 1: Oh-Oh King 0 View Joke of th