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Wedding 101: Wedding planners (Kuching/Sibu)

*Updated: 25 July 2014* *Hi, I am preparing for wedding on 09/09/2014 and  I'll be sharing my story/ useful info/tips   on my little space here. Do check under label 'Wedding 101' for more wedding prep info.  =)* *continuing from Wedding 101: Choosing a venue for Wedding Reception * Wedding Planners - Are they necessary? Well it depends. Tip # 1: If you are working abroad and having your wedding reception elsewhere or; If you have tight schedule or; If you are looking at 60+ tables on your wedding reception. Chances are, you'll need one.  (Of course, there are a lot more reasons click here to read more) Yes, you can survive without one but you do need to bear with the stress of doing a DIY wedding esp when the date draws closer. For me, I know from the beginning, I'll certainly be hiring one cause: a) I got a house reno, a ROM and wedding dinner to prepare and I only have a pair of hands. b) I

Weekend Foodie Post: Spicy Rainbow Noodle (彩丝辣面)

Tip #1:  This week, I'll like to bring you to  Good Taste Cafe (好口福茶餐食) which is located   in   between MBKS and Dorset Boutique hotel. [ Address: Lorong Goh Meng Teck (Jalan Sekama)  93300 Kuching ] Tip #2:   Well, it's  close on Tuesday   though! Normally, I would eat Heng Hua Noodles there until recently I found another place that makes better Heng Hua Noodles. LOL!  And that gave me a chance to try other things which indeed, I found something greater! Tip # 3: What I like about 彩丝辣面:  The creativity! Cause the direct translation of  彩丝辣面  means ' Spicy Rainbow Noodle' .  Though you don't get a rainbow colour, the dish is colourful enough with raw red cabbage, white cabbage, black fungus, shredded carrot and maritated meat dipped into their specially made sauce *yum~* You know how our breakfast in kopitiam is either: a) Full of Carbs e.g. Kolo Mee/Roti Kiap    or  b) Full of Carbs + some Prot  e.g. Kueh Chap/ Laksa

Joke of the Day #18: Lizard

Inside departmental store looking at accessories while waiting for Kenny to get his stuff. Me:  *Trying on a collar necklace* Kenny: Hi baby! Me: Hi! Wait ahh, I want to see the necklace nice or not! Hmmm... *looking at mirror* Kenny: ...... *hissing* SSSSSsssSSSSSSsssSS~!! Me:    ?!! Kenny:   It reminds me of lizard boh! Me:  HAHAHAHAHA!! 这个dear dear ahh 拿你没办法!    V.S    Disclaimer: Sorry peeps! Do excuse my other half's overly active wild imagination! LOL!! View Joke of the Day #17: Jay-lous

Joke of the Day # 17: Jay-lous

*Watching Amir Yussof 's performance at SSPCA's Gala Dinner at BCCK* Me: *talk to self* Wow~!! He is good! Me: *turn to Kenny* Wah Dear! He is really good! I like his deep voice! *Admiring Amir's performance for the next few minutes + applauded loudly after his first performance like I'm his biggest fan liddat hahaha* Me:  *turn to Kenny* He's good! I really like him lah! He is so talented! Kenny: *stare* Aiyo!! You said it soooooo manyyyyyyy times dy!!! *then spin the rotating center of the dining table* Me:  ???!! *and pour the vinegar onto his spoon* Me:  Awwwww~ ~ ~ ~!! Dear Dear jealous har? Kenny:  *whimpers* Me:  Hahahaha! Like this also jealous ahh? I only said I like his deep voice nia leh ~! Kenny: *drinks vinegar from his spoon* Me:  Hahahahahaha! Awwwww~ my dear dear~ ~, baby siok siok (=sayang)!  *ruffles hair* It's kinda cute to see your man jealous over something like this, don't you think so? LOL! Awww my dear

He says, she says: Things that put girls off on the First Date!

*Project He says, She says started with Rose and Sin and I chipped in on the 3rd post hehe. Last time we were talking about ' How long would the feeling of in love last? ' This time round, it's about dating!* First date! We've all been through that! *smile* The night before you were picking clothes, choosing your best cologne, and rehearsing the things to say when you meet, then you went to bed early and find yourself turning around sleeplessly, worrying about things that could go wrong on your first the restaurant is closed!  WTF!! (HAHAHA!!) Don't worry guys, Ming is here to the rescue! LOL! GUYS: 6 THINGS THAT PUT GIRLS OFF ON THE FIRST DATE!   1) DON'T BE LATE ON YOUR FIRST DATE! NOT ACCEPTABLE!  Unless you work as doctor!  It makes us feel like we are not important! The longer we wait, the more disrespectful we feel. Advice: Offer to pick her up and make sure you're on time. If for whatever

Wedding 101: Choosing a venue for Wedding Reception

*Updated: 25 July 2014* *Hi, I am preparing for wedding on 09/09/2014 and  I'll be sharing my story/ useful info/tips on my little space here. Hopefully it's helpful.     I have created a  new label under 'Weddings 101'  so do check them out!   =)* *continuing from: Wedding 101: Where to 'Kua Zit Ji' in Kuching * I guess both parents have met and set your wedding date? Next up: You need to book a wedding venue ASAP! Image from Let's face it! There is only <----> this much of wedding reception venues to choose from in Kuching, plus with that 吉日, you can pretty much expect that there are a few more couples that are getting married on the same day! I suggest you get an idea about : Tip #1:  if both families are gonna have a joined reception (男女联婚) or separate? Tip # 2:  the max numbers of guests invited. These two questions will help to narrow down the available choices. Tip #3

Joke of the Day #16: his definition of recycling

At Taiwan TaoYuan International Airport upon entering Departure Gate. *Emptying trolley & found a water bottle* Me: Dear Dear! Please recycle this water bottle. *pointing at the recycling bins* *While Kenny walks towards the recycling bins……* Me:    NOOOO~~ Dear!! Don’t do that!! *stun* *Staring at Kenny with disbelief while he returned with a mouthful of water…..and gave me a puzzled look* Me:    *still in disbelief*...... I….wasn’t sure………if that water bottle… ours…….. *WATER DROOLS FROM HIS MOUTH and all over his cloths* Me:    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This dear dear ahh! So dramatic one! Kenny: Why you didn’t tell me? Me:    I said recycle it leh, how do I know you’re gonna recycle it into your tummy? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Kenny whimpers* Me:    I hope the person brushes his/her teeth! Then you won’t feel so bad loh! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Kenny:  *rEvENgE* I-WANT-TO-KISS-YOU! *both runs around like 5-year-old kids* Hah

Wedding 101: Where to 'Kua Zit Ji' in Kuching

*Updated: 25 July 2014* So he proposed! *Yay!* Image from And then you both asked 'What's next?' (LOL! don't worry it happened to us too!). The first thing you'll need is to set the date for your big day! Well, if you are Chinese most probably you'll ‘Kua Zit Ji' (看日子).  If you're from Kuching then this post will be a big help. I went to this place to 'Kua Zit Ji'. Tip # 1a:  正法堂授男李玖荪  Location: Opposite Lin Hua Shan (林华山) Shell station.  Address: Lot 292, No.25, Lorong Tabuan Timur 3, off Jalan Tabuan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tip #1b: 众善堂:保慈阿姑 Tel: 082-425 968 Tip # 2:   Do Secure an appointment:  otherwise you might have to queue on the spot - we waited for 1 hour! Tip # 3:  Things to bring along: a) Bride and groom's *birth dates. b) Groom's parent's *birth dates. c) Bride's parents *birth dates.   So altogether you'll have 6 birth dates.