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Joke of the Day #34: The dragons' cousin

Kenny and I recently visited Komodo Island in Indonesia. This place is where the near extinct Komodo Dragons call it their home. But not for me. I prefer to go in and out of that island as fast as I can after hearing my guide's briefing session.  He said that these big lizards have over 60 deadly bacterias in their mouth and once they bit their prey, the prey goes to heaven. And the worse part is, the Dragons have the ability to run at 20+km/hr when they prey for food and Human beings are on their menu!  Very stress leh wui~~~! They run faster than me!!!    I DON"T WANT TO DIE~~!!  Luckily, I came back alive to tell you this story (LOL) and also the next one.... *At Koreana. We're seated next to the glass window and there is a lizard outside* Kenny: (Try to scare the lizard! And the panicky lizard wiggled it's tail and tiny feet away) Me: UI~~~~!! What are you doing? Later the lizard called his mom! Kenny: hahahahaha! Ko

Joke of the Day #33: Eggs

Kenny and I have been married for almost 8 months, and we are enjoying our lives as the new Mr and Mrs Sia. To many people, it’s just natural (and almost expected) to fall pregnant at the very beginning of marriage. So when that didn’t happen to us, I get questioned……a lot! [Just to clarify. We are perfectly healthy. Lol.] And everytime, when I got asked, I just laughed at it thinking ‘ how come others are more excited about the mini version of us than we do wan? ’ lol. But when the same question comes from t.h.e.p.a.r.e.n.t.s. …’s a different story  Kenny: Guess what? Me: What?! Kenny:  My mom just asked if we are planning for a baby! Me:  Seriously? I thought you said your mom wouldn’t ask about that?! Kenny:  Yalor. I’m soooooo surprised! Me:  Did you tell her our plans? Kenny:   No. Maybe I should have said NO and see how she reacted! hahahah Me:  *rubs tummy immediately*  Daddy joking only k?! Kenny:   Wat?! Wh