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One Good Deed: Blessings for Renato

This is the first time, I can decide on a post title in a snap of the fingers. I know it's a bit lengthy, but please read and help support Renato Cordeiro, our very own Les Mills instructor/ presenter. During the Quarterly LesMills Workshop Mid Feb this year, the shocking news of Renato's tragic motorcycle accident in Indonesia spread across the LesMills Tribe. On 24th Jan 2013, he was thrown from his motorcycle and had severe injuries on his spine. I am not a doctor but everyone  knows that our spines control movements and sensation - and he broke his! T__T Photo taken from One Tribe - One Love fb page:  Renato and Rue (both fitness instructors/ presenters) It's not that I pity him. No, he doesn't need that. But when your normal routine has changed to something you have no control of, the roads ahead are full of uncertainties dipped in strong fear. As much as you try to stay positive, there will be moments when you feel weak, when the 'What If' make

Joke of the Day # 7: Beh-Zai-Si

Aiya! Silly me. My silly fingers are obviously not obeying my brain's command when I intend to schedule a post on March the 9th, only to realized today, it didn't happen, cause I scheduled it on September ther 3rd' =.= ish~!! I am sitting at Gate 22 of Changi Terminal 1 right now, waiting for my delayed flight. Jet lag. So tired now. All I want to do is hop into my bed and hibernate. And forget about shower and brushing teeth. Personal hygiene gotta step aside, I am sook tired. fast Liao. Where are you??? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ******************************************************************************* Joke of the day: A family of four spent their holiday at Tokyo Disneyland…… Mom:  Come Felicia, let's have lunch first. We can continue later. *hungry mother* Daughter:     Don’t want! I am not done with the rides! *persistent daughter*  Mom:    YOUR PAPA, MAMA AND JIEJIE ARE HUNGRY DY! WHY YOU ONLY THINK OF YOURSELF? DO YOU KNOW H

Joke of the Day # 6: Jurassic Park

4 more sleeps to go before our longgggg flight to London and Iceland! Yippee ~ ~ ~ *doing the chest circles* That is by far, a record breaking distance for me to travel ^^  ^^. Me: Dear Dear ahh, you said we are going from London to Liverpool then to Bath right? Kenny: ahh. Me: I read that at southern coastline area, there is a stretch of beautiful scenery! It's called Jurassic coast! Me: *excited* Why don't we travel from Bath to Jurassic Park!! :D Kenny: *turning into a T. Rex*     RoaarrRRRR~ ~!  *Clawing on my arm*  *Roaring still*  *then munching on my arm* Me: *cackle loudly* What are you doing dear?!! Kenny: *LOL* You said going to Jurassic Park leh! *RooaarrrrRR~ and munching on me again!* Me: *chortles* Kenny:  *chuckles* Aiyo, this silly baby! View Joke of the Day # 5: Butthole