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Wedding 101: In case you are looking for Live Wedding Band, here it is!

*resuming from Wedding 101: The HOWS of applying for ROM outside of JPN and my application story! * *In Alphabetical order.....* KUCHING EVENT/WEDDING BANDS 1)   Akoustik Connexion:   I think they are the most demanded live band in Kuching. You see them performing quite often in all sorts of events and functions, simply because they are too good! Very professional but mind you, a bit $$ (I reckon lah). But then I'd rather pay for professionals (and I did hire them) to do the job of entertaining my guests with music then to let Uncles and Aunties sing Karaoke! LOL. Have a look yourself, info below: FB: Youtube: Website: Email: 2)   Momentum Music The name of the lead singer is Chien Chien. Good thing about her is that she does emceeing too, both in English and Mandarin. That

Love letters

'Dear 老婆, One year ago, you made me the happiest man when we got married.  I love you and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the woman I love – you. Your husband.' Written: May 2014 Received: April 2015 When I received this piece of postcard, I know I am the luckiest women on earth! :)