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Wedding 101: How to pack your 'Kapit' (Bridal Luggage)?

*resuming from Wedding 101: Don't know what to prep for Chinese Custom Wedding? Read This! ^^ * Hello,  I'm resuming my Wedding 101 post! Cos I have goyang my kaki for 5 weeks liao, it's time to get back to Wedding posts! I was browsing through my wedding photos on my phone and I saw my 'Kapit' and i thought, okay, I'm gonna do this first before the older posts. Cool with that?  So, apparently, the word 'Kapit' is only native to Kuchingites, it means - 'Bridal luggage'! And before this, I didn't even know there are tips and traditions to follow! And I was feeling a bit stress cos I didn't set aside some budget to prepare my 'Kapit'. I remember telling myself, I must Blog about this!!  You're welcome! hehe =) When Mom brought me shopping, I thought I can get any luggage I want as long it's red in colour! Yap, I got it partially right!  Tip #1: Buy a RED luggage (or at least pinkish ) and the other part tha

First month of Marriage...

I used to live with my parents, 3 kids, 2 adults, 2 maids, 2 hamsters, 2 dogs,  and 8 fish (now probably left 6?). Now it's just me and hubby - no maid, no kids (yet), no pet! YES!!! We are MARRIED!!! And Hello to FREEDOM again!!! I am just overjoyed that things are back to normal after we're married. It's like the spell of those stressful days and sleepless nights was broken on our wedding day!! =) =) So happy lah! I can't help but to return to our hotel room that night and do chest circles! hahahaha Oh, and girls, if you want to ask for favours, now is the time! LOL!! On our first month of marriage, I feel...... So relief! That's exactly how we felt! Putting an end to one whole year of wedding preparation is putting all the stress, all the nagging, all the extra opinions to an end (very honest hor?)! And, and, and finally ~ ~ ~ my piggy bank can recover T______T #chineseweddingissoexpensive. So loved! We feel so loved receiving lots of personal messages v

Joke of the Day #32: Who Farted~~?!

My sis brought her 3 year old (almost) son and 7 year old daughter for a quick grocery shopping! *Junior heard someone farting!!!* Junior: AiyooooooRRRrr!!! WhO FaRTed! SoooOOoo LouD ~ ~ ~!!!  *Junior staring at the uncle in front (cos only them and that uncle at that aisle) LOL* Jasmine:    HEY BRO!!! WHY YOU SAID IT ALOUD!!! NOW THAT UNCLE KNOWS YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT HIM!!! *Jasmine = Loud Heng Hua* My sis:   O .... M ..... G ...... !!!!! *Left quickly* HAHAHAHAHAH!!! View Joke of the Day #31: Mrs Sia is back!