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I'm sorry but I have to block you!!!

How the heck did you manage to add me back when I've ticked the box to prevent re-adding to the group? FB got bugs is it?  Tell it once on my mobile fb and another on laptop FB and the next day my notification still occupied with your group notifications!  Damn annoying!  Why is my command not executed ahh FB? Why? Why? Why? Or wuuu.... she owns FB?????  Nah~! It's not like she add me to one group you know, she eng eng add me to groupssssss wan, super annoying!!!  Wait, make that  I wanted to block her last week dy, but  FB is kind enough to pop a reminder saying that 'Perhaps you want to send a message to your friend cause she might not know she is bothering you? '.  Okay loh, true also.  And guess what? Number 1, she didn't reply.  K, never mind.  Number 2,  She added me to 2 more groups!!!!!    WHAT IS THIS?! REVENGE IS IT? Which part of 'remove me from groups' do you not understand????!!!   You sa

Joke of the Day #25: NASI LEMAK!!!

*Early in the morning waiting at departure gate* Me: *Sigh* I'm hungry......can't wait to board the plane and eat!  Kenny:  Wahh baby! I didn't know MAS has so many meal selection, got Low Salt meal lah, diabetic meal lah, vegetarian lah....*blah blah blah I forgot what else! but yeah, it's a whole lot of them, like 20!* Me:  Oh! Kenny:  I'm quite impressed! So I decided to give it a go! Me:  Oh! Kenny:  And yours too! Me:  HAAARRRRR?!!! (THIS DEAR DEAR AHH ALWAYS GIVE ME HEART ATTACK!) WHAT DID YOU ORDER? Kenny:    LOW-CALORIE-MEAL!!!  Me:  HAARRRR?!!! OUT OF SO MANY OF THEM WHY LOW CALORIE?!!!   I WANT TO EAT NASI LEMAK!!!  Kenny:   Ai ya~~ They won't be serving Nasi lemak today lah! *In the plane, overheard air stewardess saying they serve Nasi Lemak.....* Kenny:   Me: ...............   .....................*watched trolley pass by*.............t his dear dear ahh!!  View Joke of the Day #24: Hindu

Wedding 101: How to select your dream wedding gown (and where to get it ONLINE!)?

Continuing from Wedding 101:  Why Kenny & I decided not to engage any Bridal Studio - how are we gonna do it? Jeng Jeng Jeng~~~ Remember the Bride-to-be I wrote about who surveyed almost every single Bridal Studio in Kuching? (Lol Me lah, who else?)  She's back blogging :)  Girls, this post is a bit long, in order to help you find the information you need easily, I've categorized them into two parts :  1) The first part  is all about the know-how on getting our dream gown. 2) The second part is about my gown buying experience online! Hehehe so, coming back to where I left it - Wedding gowns!  ************************************************************************* PART 1: The KNOW-HOW on getting your Dream Gown! In Chinese, there is this saying that '女人穿婚纱的那一天最漂亮了!' so when it comes to choosing Wedding gown, it excites us! :) But the question is, how do we select that ONE PERFECT GOWN for our big day? I raised that question to the Bridal

Just a short one - I'm married! :)

Life hasn't changed much since we signed that piece of Contract! :) :) We're still loving (like always), still silly (never gonna change) and if anything has changed it's my title! *chest circles*  Yay~~!!! I can officially tick 'MRS' on application forms and and and, tick 'HOUSEWIFE' on Arrival Immigration cards!!!  (Even though I am still on a 'L-plate' hahahaha whatever! I'm married! lolol) We had an outdoor Button theme R.O.M, colourful ones that is, and it turned out to be so lovely! That is exactly the kind of wedding we want!  Just a sneak peek...... Yes, I said a sneak peek, one photo enough liao lah..... lol..... People has been asking me about our ROM, shall blog about it soon k. In the meantime, if you have other questions just drop me a line.     Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially Mrs Sia! :) :)