In my head......lives 3 monkeys...

As you can see, Diam is a lone ranger...don't like to socialise...don't like to hill people... as long got food, happy already. For me to deal with this monkey...most of the time still manageable...!

Now, the other 2 are very active!! The one sitting in the middle and enjoying a scratch on the head...that is the bossy Devil and the poor, soft spoken Angel has always been so sweet and hence bullied by Devil.

The problem for me is that...Diam, Devil and Angel really know how to take over my mind...examples:

1) I was sitting in the living room yesterday and I saw the homemade chocolate biscuits I bought in the food fair. Diam saw that too...he asked for 2....but somehow...when Diam is maths is terrible...I can only count 1...1...1...1...and after nearly 1/2 a container is gone...I finally learnt to say much calories I ate already! &#$@&*...Bad Diam! Bad Diam!


2) Today, my colleague from marketing rang me, asking if I am interested to give a talk in Miri. I went WOOHUUU ~ it's ON! and my energy level shoot up to Eleven!! = extremely fabulous! After hanging up the phone, Devil appears...

DEVIL: sure or not?!

ME: what do you mean sure or not? I already said yes bah!

DEVIL: ui! you are there to give talk not play play...200+ people...can handle or not?! nanti 200+ ppl tembak you balik with questions! and you don't know how to answer...and in front of the press somemore...hahahaha..that will be super funny to watch you turn green!

My energy level dropped 5 points after I heard that...and I start to see spotlight on with my face turning green!!

ME: ehh?!!...yahor...that is scarry!

at this very moment...sweet Angel appears...

ANGEL: Ming Ming, listen to me...I have been with you for all this while. I know what you are capable of doing. Go ahead! It's an opportunity for you to SHINE...You have my full support!

DEVIL: yeah right! when she kena tembak..whose's face turn green?

ANGEL: ...remember all experiences are there to grow you...and things happen for a reason. Coming across questions that you don't know how to answer just give you another opportunity to grow!...look that up and the next time you know how to deal with that already...

ANGEL: Dr Chau is there...he can back you up on medical knowledge. All you need to do is to TRUST yourself. That is the most common case that you have seen since working in hospital. Use your experience to help you!

DEVIL: hey!! ShUTT UP... *I threw something at him*...

ANGEL: don't have to know everything! ...since no one knows everything! It's just a matter of attitude!...It's ok to say 'I am not sure about that but will look it up' .

ANGEL: ATTITUDE COUNTS! Equip yourself with TRUST and ATTITUDE. You got 1 month, why don't you prepare yourself for that...brush up your knowledge... read the updated guidelines...googled for other frequently asked questions on this topic etc...before you know it, you will be filled with CONFIDENCE already. :)

ANGEL: remember what Brian told you just right before Jam?

ME: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE yourself! ENJOY the moments and have FUN!

ME: hmm...that is uplifting...Thanks you! *hugs*

In case you are wondering what I threw to DEVIL

His favourite food...B..A..N..A..N..A!!...It's the only way to keep him QUIET!


  1. u r such a monkey! :D hehehe..
    maybe that time u can invite Diam.. i mean when Angel and Devil was there.. just eat.. dun think! :P

  2. ui~!...invite Diam only later gain weight a...

  3. hehehe.. anyway.. just all the best at the talk thing.. i'm sure u can do it becoz last time u had given some poetry presentation during CHMS time to some thousand ppl (not inclusive of those watching the video)for the merdeka celebration, rite? this is just a fraction of what u had done previously!
    No worries.. cheer up.. and everything is going to be fine! :)
    p/s: they might think you are a doctor.. be prepared to answer those basic medical related stuff.. but if you cant handle.. u can just reply "please email me and i'll get back to you". just dont forget to reply and prepare your name card or if you have to prepare presentation slides, dont forget to add in your email at the very last page of the slide..


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