High school memories

For the first time eva~ in my life that... i woke up very early on a sunday, get DRESSED UP like a tourist and headed to my high school CHMS No.1 for the food fair...

Tada~..me and Keira before i left home! ohh~ she is just adorable! Love the V shape fringe!

I took the same old path to school. Gosh! It had been 8 years and I felt like I am back in high school again...and i can't help to take a photo of these stairs...

I still remember Mom used to drop me here by car...and I would walk up the stairs with my heavy footsteps, so not wanting to go to school...and turn my head over and gave Mom a pleading look. :( ....I don't like this DEPARTURE feel...

I live very close to my school...like 2 minutes away. Ya, I know! I am lucky to have Mom to send me to school but PLEASE~,don't call me a spoilt kid ok?!...

Living close to school doesn't mean I won't be late for school. It's almost an everyday routine back then that Mom dropped me there, I'd rush through the mini jungle and you hear the school bell ringing! ...)#$@%#...straight away, I know it's a competition between my teacher and me. Whoever gets into the class first is the boss! hehehe...and most of the time I won!! lol~

As I continued my journey through the bush, this was what I saw...

Oh crXp!..last time don't have this le! and then I saw this...

Images of the 'DOG HOLE' from the old Chinese Movies back in the dynasty appeared. I know EGO wouldn't like this, and LAZY wouldn't like to walk further. So who to please le??

The answer....I favour Miss Lazy and bribe Miss Ego with Food! hehehe...

Woo~ cupcakes!

I bought this! Just love to watch them lining the burgers!

Ermm..what else?


and more meat!!...why no veggies one?

People are getting creative now, they even make the food fair like a pasar.

Selling veggies!

toys!..I bought a toy cow for my nieces!

This looks like a lot of fun! ^^ My juniors are very creative!

There are heaps more!! but it's so crowded! Just look at this!

Whole bunch of car lining like a car show!

This is what I bought from the food fair! Worth of RM110, minus RM 14 that I gave away to a friend since I was exhausted. Woo~, enough to feed me like from Monday to Wednesday already!

Before I left, I went back to the classroom in the last year of my high school.

Welcome to SS3B. It's just funny to see nowadays all the tables are labelled with SS3B as if they have kaki and will dream walk at night or something. But it sure feels great to sit at the same old spot that I sat for >300 days 8 years ago, being stressed up with exams and feeling the sense of relief when I saw the passing marks on an exam paper. Those memories are there and it's only when I went back to school again that moments of those memorable times flash back to me! :) The only word to describe my feeling at that time was AMAZING!

As I pretend to be back in class, eating the burger I bought. I look out from the window and saw the view. That was what I used to do, to look outside and look at my home! Standing sturdily with the blue sky as background.

It has been 8 years since we all graduated. We are scattered in different parts of the world. Our status change as well, from what I know: One married + with a kid, and the rest still single! eh, if you were married and not even telling me this you better reasoned it!...

To me, going back to my high school today was like an old granny looking back at her photos when she was young. This was the place that had created the 3 M moments for me...a few of my proudest moments, teary moments, fun moments, stressful moments and the best thing about that was there are a bunch of people to share the moments with me.


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