Choose to live it fully

Lunch time has always been one of the best time of the day, but not today!

Just seconds ago, my colleague told me that the guy in ICU had gone to heaven. And in hospital language, it's called 'discharge to die' or 'expired' - how sarcastic! For me, I preferred 'gone to heaven' or if there is only 5 floors in a hospital, it's call 'gone to level 6'.

I am feeling emotional right now. As few hours ago, I was just in ICU seeing another patient who was sitting directly opposite that guy. I was aware that the Medical team was doing some procedures on him but DEATH was something that I didn't expect!

He was breathing then! and the only memory that I had for the first and last time was : his wife gently touching his forehead and whispering in his ears. I have no idea what she said to him but you can just feel the energy of LOVE and HOPE...

To leave the world in the early 30's is just too fast! What have you seen? How long have you love? How much have you missed out? How much pain you left behind? How much tears you brought to the hospital? I can feel the pain of the family...speechless...

Life is so unpredictable! This is a hard solid FACT! But how many of us are aware of this? ....I learnt it last year...from a patient of mine.

I don't have the power to fix the imperfection of my past experiences or to predict what future has planned for me...but I know I have the power of CHOICE! I can choose how I want to live my life and I choose to BE PRESENT and ENJOY every single moments of my life.

If 0 is being terrible and 10 being fabulous. I am at 11. I only live ONCE, and I choose to live my life fully and happily.

Just like the sun that give life to the earth. That guy had added value to my life...


  1. u made me remind of my ex-colleague.. he is such a funny guy.. hyper active.. but he had this heart condition that no many know.. That day when he suddenly left us.. it was a real earthquake in our office.. and those who know him.. really do miss him..
    Anyway.. at least he live his life to the fullest and left a deep footprint of immortality in everyone of us..

  2.'s how we show up in our life and how we live it....when we leave we can take nothing with us but leaving behind heaps of things for ppl around us....either the sweet or bitter memories...i believe he has live his life to the fullest too..i pray that he has a better health in his next life


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