Awareness - being a rescuer

I had an experience today that keep me thinking throughout the night and I am ready to share it with you.

The story began last week when I got a call from a colleague of mine, asking for help with policies and those paper work in preparation for JCI (hospital accreditation)...I was willing to help and I modified the draft she gave me.

However, today I felt like: eh...I am helping only, how come it become my work pula? and she ordered me to do this and that...and behind adding a 'thank you'. Being '嫩' like what my father like to describe me or the english version ' being green' monkey mind had a mini fight:

DEVIL: wei~! your work come I am doing it?
then quickly...ANGEL said: it's ok Ming, the more you do the more you learn...take the opportunity to learn, besides there is nothing to loose.

I still helped her in the end. And that bother me.
I was thinking is it the right thing to do: to be a RESCUER?

That happens in life, when we were lost, we seek for answers, we turn to our friends or family HOPING TO GET ANSWERS from them. They RESCUED us!

But at the same time, we lost the ability to think, to handle the situation and the universe knows it. It's send the same problem again and again to the person until he/she learn to solve it himself/herself...

No doubt that I earned the experience, but at the same time I have taken away the chance for her to learn. My initial intention was so clear: To help and give feedback only. But in the end, I did the finalising etc because I rescued her.

If I can travel back to 1 week ago, I would do things differently. I would CHOOSE to UPLIFT her by giving her DIRECTIONS and not RESCUEING HER. That is my biggest awareness today.

Thanks to her for the lesson I learnt is priceless. Hope you learnt the same through my experience. :)


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